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Fun new Captain America spot to sell many, many Cherry Coolatas


Dunkin Donuts and Captain America are teaming up for a plastic cup. And also a remarkably red slushee called a Cherry Coolata.

This charming, imaginative spot for the drink — and the movie — may just sell more tickets to CAPTAIN AMERICA than the regular trailers.

Captain America opens July 22nd nationwide.

The Beat is going out to get a Coolata right now.

  1. The slide show was interesting, and pointed out problems with writing stories for superhero movies. But the attitude toward origins:

    Heroes like Batman need their origin story to be retold because it’s so essential to understanding the character on screen.

    Whereas heroes such as the FF and Iron Man don’t. They’re apparently just adventurers who use their tools and powers onscreen.

    How often does Batman’s origin story have to be retold, then? With every appearance, forcing some viewers to sit through origin material they’ve seen before? Or can it be dispensed with if the villain isn’t a challenge, and Batman’s psychology isn’t an issue?

    The problem with retrospective analysis is that it points out flaws people might have already noticed. Even if there is a “perfect” approach for handling the FF or Superman, the good villains will be used up, and at least some viewers will want origin stories. The comics readers base isn’t big enough to ensure that a movie is profitable.

    There might not be a perfect approach which will satisfy both readers new to a character and those who are fans of him. Their tastes and demands are too different.


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