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From now on, you WILL use Simpsons stamps


The US Post Office has unveiled its Simpsons stamps and a whole bunch of Simpsons stamp products. Luckily, we need to go to the post office!

  1. May 7. In the meantime, one can use the superhero, Star Wars, comic strip, Disney, and Warner Brothers stamps already produced. (As well as the Postal Carrier stamp designed by Jack Davis, and the comedian stamps by Hirschfeld.)

    And for those who might be critical of the images used on the stamps, Matt Groening did the artwork.

    An early Al Hirschfeld stamp (vintage black cinema poster) from 2008! And Vintage TV stamps in August!

    (44 cents? Man… I remember when they cost 13! And the mailman delivered mail on Saturday! And you had to wait six to eight weeks for shipping!)

  2. And the USG helps to promote private companies…

    Yes I know the USPS has to operate as a private firm and if this sells stamps it helps defray the cost for the rest of us…

    But still, there’s something seedy about a government office selling ads for the Simpsons etc.

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