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Friends of Lulu going away; Comics Are For Everyone showing up


Over on her blog, Valerie D’Orazio announces that as of January she will no longer be running Friends of Lulu, the organization formed to promote women in comics. Instead, she’ll be putting her efforts toward a new organization called “Comics are for Everyone.”

Spinning off of my “Comics Revolution” mailing list, the five goals of Comics Are For Everyone are:

1. Return Comics To The Masses

2. Create Tomorrow’s Heroes & Icons

3. Increase Opportunities For Comic Creators

4. Eradicate Sexism/Racism/Homophobia/Ageism in Comics

5. Give Back To The World

It’s pretty hard to argue with any of those; it probably makes much more sense to put energy into an inclusive group in a time when everyone has somewhat equal access.

The 2010 Lulu Awards will go forward…after that, D’Orazio encourages anyone who wants to pick up FoL or its goals and move forward.

  1. I don’t see any mention of any ‘organisation’ (unless I am missing something)? Simply that the blog will be there for discussion.

  2. I still like that FoL put in the effort. I was part of FoL in the early days, helping and contributing with production materials (making book marks, and.. uhm… using “office supplies” at my commercial printing job to defray costs with brochures and flyers). I also remember going to meetings at Trina Robbins’ house with Rory Root more than just a few times. Haha!

    So part of me wishe FoL would continue; for sentimental reasons. However, I understand how things change, and if it’s for wider awareness then I am always for that. I know Valerie is no fan of some of my work, but I support her new organization — because it’s true that comics are for everyone.

  3. Charles, I was thinking the same, because I was scouring over it, too. However, I would assume this is the working foundation for a future organization… of sorts.

    Or perhaps I’m projecting too much between the lines. In any event, I appreciate the effort and focus.

  4. As I recall, back when I was FoL president in the 1990s, “comics for everyone” was one of our overriding themes.

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