Fcbd2007Proving the adage that “If it will work for ice cream, it will work for a comic book”, Free Comic Book Day dawns tomorrow May 5th 2007. With respect and interest in the comcis medium rising worldwide. this day has become the kind of PR bonanza long dreamed of by its organizers. You can go to Diamond’s official site to find events near you, but everyone everywhere will be doing things. Robert Kirkman is going on a whrilwind four-state, 72-hour tour, kicking off toniht at Hanley’s, Manhattan. Here are a couple more that struck our fancy or arrived in our in-box — hit us up through the day and we’ll update with a few more.

§ In Dearborn, MI Green Brain presents both Scott McCloud and THE MAYOR!

Dearborn’s Honorable Mayor John B. O’Reilly Jr. will be at Green Brain Comics
to cut the ribbon and officially start Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 5th.
The ribbon cutting will be at 12 noon, but we’ll be open and handing out the
free stuff at 10am.

Scott McCloud will be appearing on FCBD from 1pm to 5pm

Also scheduled to appear will be

Marty Hirchak (Pop Art Funnies),
Matt Feazell (Amazing CynicalMan),
Sean Bieri (Jape)
Michelangelo Cicerone (Ozone Jones)
Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions)
Jane Irwin creator of Vogelein will be giving away
free previews of her next graphic novels.

28 Weeks Later 3
§ In LA you may see guys in Hazmat suits at comic shops promoting the 28 DAYS LATER: THE AFTERMATH graphic novel. (Photo from a similar event at Hanley’s in NYC: guess that guy who jumped from the building left more of a biohazard than we heard.)

§ And IN Pensacola, FL, It’s just “the happiest day of the year!”


  1. “you’d think that after the nonsene on Boston over AquaTeen Hunger Force the Fox people would ease up on the paranoia/terror based marketing.”

    Nowhere else is as stupid as Boston.

    A month after the mooninite fiasco the Boston cops freaked out about and disposed of a ‘bomb’ that was actually a traffic counter placed by the transportation department.