Okay guys, here’s a very brief selection of events that people told about for today, the national holiday of comics book…FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! USA Today wrote it up yesterday with quotes from comics notables and a nive overview of events:

The annual event, which began in 2001, has grown tremendously over the years — both in terms of the amount of titles available and the popularity of the program. Publishers produce special titles just for this day as a means of attracting new readers. The stories are usually brief and serve as preludes or previews for upcoming releases. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day 2010. Readers are encouraged to take a trip to their local comic book shop and take a peek at some of the tremendous work that’s being produced these days. After all, it’s the one day of the year when, even if you choose not to buy a book, you won’t leave the shop empty-handed.

You can see all events via the Comic Shop Locator at the official FCBD website, but here are some other events folks sent us their PR for:

Comic Book Ink, Tacoma, WA

“We are also lucky to have a huge number of returning guests to this year’s Free Comic Book Day,” Munn continued, ” With members of the 501st LEGION of STAR WARS RECREATIONISTS, phenomenal SKETCH ARTIST JESSE MUNOZ, the folks from the LAKEWOOD REGAL CINEMAS will be on hand to give out FREE POSTERS, comic book fans dressed up as a myriad of characters, including BLACK CAT, OUR COSTUME CONTEST a chance to meet some of Tacoma’s Own Phenomenal Rollergirls, THE DOCKYARD DERBY DAMES and MORE! But we also have a few more ‘special events’ up our sleeve.”

“This is an event that couples the fun and accessibility of comics with the promotion of literacy for all ages,” Munn finished, “While having a NUMBER of SALES to cap it off! And we’re not stopping our celebration there! “

Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles Hosts RED FRAGGLE:

To celebrate the release of its widely anticipated Free Comic Book Day flip book featuring fan-favorite properties Mouse Guard and Fraggle Rock™, Archaia is excited to announce RED FRAGGLE will make a live appearance on Free Comic Book Day (May 1, 2010) at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, Calif. to lead a short sing-along of favorite Fraggle Classics, take pictures with fans and sign comic books. Red and world-renowned puppeteer, KAREN PRELL, appear courtesy of The Jim Henson Company, Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Archaia Entertainment and Meltdown Comics.

“This is such a nice treat for fans, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to work with the great folks at The Jim Henson Company, Lionsgate and Meltdown to make this possible,” said Archaia Marketing Manager Mel Caylo. “Karen and Red’s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con was highly anticipated and well attended, so we’re excited for them to come to Los Angeles and share their special magic in celebration of the release of our Free Comic Book Day issue.”

Archaia’s Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock Free Comic Book Day flip book will feature a brand-new Fraggle Rock story by written by SAM HUMPHRIES (CBGB: The Comic Book) and drawn by Eisner Award-nominated artist JEREMY LOVE (Bayou). Humphries and Love will be on hand at Meltdown Comics with RED FRAGGLE to sign copies of the free comic for fans.


Bergen Street Comics, Brooklyn NYC is featuring

“Foiled” by Jane Yolen (writer) and Mike Cavallaro (artist)

“Zeus” and “Athena” by George O’Connor

“Resistance” by Carla Jablonski (writer) and Leland Purvis (artist)

“City of Spies” by Susan Kim & Laurence Klavan (writers) and Pascal Dizin (artist)

• John Kovaleski writes: For the second year in a row I'm celebrating Free Comic Book Day by giving away a Bo Nanas mini comic called "Spring Has Sprung." It?s a brand new story and all you have to do is reply and I?ll send you a PDF to print out. (Some assembly required but I know you can handle it) Offer is good till Monday, May 3. And if you happen to be in central Pennsylvania on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 1, I?ll be at Comix Connection at their York, PA location from 10 to 2.

• A special event in Scarsdale:

WHERE: Phoenix Comics, 4 Gray Rock Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583
Joel Rosenberg, founder and owner of longtime Westchester institution, Phoenix Comics in Scarsdale, welcomes Joseph (The Avalanche of Wonder) Koch and Michael (Big Apple Conventions) Carbonaro to celebrate “Free Comics Day” with an unprecedented buying and selling extravaganza!

Bring all your comics and collectibles (movies, music, memorabilia, action figures, first edition books and vintage items of all kinds) and let these experts evaluate them for you. Michael Carbonaro, internationallyrenowned expert on comic books and comic art, will speak at 2:00pm about comic book history and its origins in the New York area. Mr. Carbonaro will also offer a FREE expert verbal appraisal of any comic book brought to him!The Phoenix will offer deals on one of Westchester’s finest selections of comics, cards, and action figures. Bring yourself, your collectibles and join Joel, Joseph and Michael for a fun day of free comics, free verbal appraisals, card tournaments, coffee and donuts. See you there beginning at 10:00am at Phoenix Comics, 4 Gray Rock Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Mike Carbonaro @ 1-800-723-5572 or Christopher Denis @ 646-996-1851

Happy Harbor Comics Edmonton, Alberta Canada

“Free Comic Book Day is our chance to shine, to not only introduce people to the wide variety of comics available on the market but also to showcase local talent and to give back to the community,” says Jay Bardyla, owner of Happy Harbor Comics. Every Happy Harbor location will be giving away hundreds of free comics and will play host to at least four local comic talents per store who will draw a custom sketch for anyone who brings a donation to the Edmonton Food Bank. “It’s always great to get your favourite character made just for you but it’s even better when it’s done for a great cause,” Bardyla commented.

Along with the free books and sketches, each location will be raffling off special prizes such as year long subscriptions to some of the most popular comics on the market today, autographed books, statues and toys plus there will be a “scavenger hunt” that will encourage people to visit all three locations for a chance to win a huge prize!

Night Flight Comics, Salt Lake City, UT

FCBD at Night Flight Comics (Library Square – 210 E. 400 So.) will start at 11:00 a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m.

FCBD at Night Flight Comics (6222 South State Street) will start at 11:00 a.m. and end at 7:00 p.m.

X-Men Writer Chris Claremont at Library Square

The central theme of Claremont’s X-Men stories is prejudice. The X-Men are blessed and cursed with genetic mutations; some with visible differences, some not so visible. Claremont portrays the mutant experience as no one has, with parallels to our own human experience.

His initial unbroken 17-year run on the X-Men is the stuff of industry legend. His run culminated with the launch of the new title, X-Men, whose first issue sold over 7.6 million copies, a record that stands today. In total, Claremont has sold in excess of 500,000,000 comics worldwide including work on Aliens Vs Predator, Sovereign Seven, Star Trek and many more. His X-Men story, “Dark Phoenix,” with its radical treatment of the story’s central character, paved the way for reinterpretation of the superhero mythos throughout the industry.

Artists at Library Square on Free Comic Book Day

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. — Comic book artists and writers will be in front of
The City Library auditorium to autograph comics and do sketches for kids!

3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. — Mutants Unite! X-Men Godfather, Chris Claremont discusses his writing, X-Men and the mutant experience in The City Library Auditorium. (To win free tickets RSVP at www.night-flight.com)

4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. — Artist signing session with Chris Claremont (X-Men Forever), and local artists: Bill Galvan (Archie, Simpsons), Patric Reynolds (Hellboy), Jake Black (TMNT, Supergirl), and Quinn Johnson (Rune Stone).

6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. — Dewey Lecture: My Life in Comics by Chris Claremont.
Broadcast live from The City Library Auditorium (open seating)

Free Comic Book Day event @ Collector's Paradise in Canoga Park, CA

This year Collector’s Paradise is presenting their best line-up of comic book creators to date, including:

Marc Silvestri – Founder, Top Cow Productions, Creator and Artist – Cyberforce, Witchblade, Darkness, Hunter/Killer

Marv Wolfman – creator – Teen Titans, Blade, Bullseye, Tim Drake, Black Cat, Nightwing, Deathstroke, Anti-Monitor and many more…

Bill Morrison – co-creator Bongo Comics, artist – Simpson Comics and more

Michael Broussard – artist – Darkness, FCBD 2010 Top Cow Artifacts comic, Artifacts 1-6

Joe Benitez – artist – Teen Titans, Soulfire, creator – Weapon Zero, Magdalena, Wraithborne

Peter Steigerwald – colorist, artist – Soulfire, Fathom, and more from Aspen Comics

Ray Friesen – kids graphic novel author – Another Dirt Sandwich, Cupcakes of Doom…

Rick Loverd – writer – Milo Ventimiglia Presents Berserker

Free Comic Book Day and Granicon in New Hampshire this May - NH.com

Saturday May 1 is National Free Comic Book day! Participating comic book stores statewide will have free comic books available for folks who come into their stores. In Rochester, New Hampshire many local business are participating in The Rochester Free Comic Book Day Festival sponsored by JetPack Comics.

Comic books are an original American art form, created in the early days of the twentieth century. They are fun to read, featuring a wide range of diverse story lines that capture the imagination of the readers. To learn more about comic books and their history visit,

• Digital comics distributor Robot Comics has their own FCBD offering:

This May 1st thousands of comic book fans and casual readers will visit comics shops all over the USA and Canada to get free comics thanks to Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). Yet, if you’ve got an Android, iPhone, iPod touch or Nintendo DSi anywhere in the world, dozens of hours of free comic book entertainment await you, as close as your fingertips, with unlimited stock, and not just this Saturday.

Happy Comics, everyone!


  1. Aw yeah…. COMICS!

    It’s Halloween and National Library Week and Star Wars Wednesday and the first week of Saturday Morning cartoons!

    It’s happening on Main Street and libraries! It’s worldwide, in the Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, and Australia! It’s Shrek and Iron Man and The Last Airbender and Stephen King and Toy Story! It’s Owly and Shazam and Frank and Archie! It’s comic books and webcomics and comics strips and graphic novels! It’s the 501st and face painting and cover sketches and singing gorillas and Hallmark ornaments and Free Pizza and scavenger hunts and … pardon me… my allergies are acting up… *sniffle*

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  3. In the Philippines, I got to witness my first FCBD event @ comic odyssey…as a non-comic book reader, i find the event very lively and inviting as well — i think, when it comes to attracting new readers/ customers, I believe this sort of campaign works ^_^

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