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Free Comic Book Day 2010 in review


Elite Beat commenter Torsten Adair reviews almost every Free Comics Book Day Comic. From Mouse Guard to Lady Gaga.

Creative Team: (W) James Robinson (A) Eddy Barrows, Ruy José (C) J.G. Jones.
Publisher: DC COMICS

The cover has been changed, it is now a more iconic image drawn by the interior artists. This is a prelude to DC’s next Big Event, as they hope to repeat the success of last year’s Blackest Night prelude. The issue has two stories: Superman on New Krypton, and Lois Lane on Earth. The first story recaps What Has Gone Before, as Superman confronts General Zod. The second story, by Sterling Gates, features one-page pin-ups that introduce the major players of the upcoming saga.


  1. Oni’s THE SIXTH GUN, by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt, was to my mind the big winner of the day. I was looking forward to it, based on how good THE DAMNED was, but it really exceeded my expectations. Great book, full of creepy, atmospheric scenes and bizarre concepts, beautifully realized.

    Other highlights: The “Possessions” story in the ONI PRESS FREE FOR ALL, and YOW! A JOHN STANLEY LIBRARY GRAB-BAG, which not only had fun stories from various of their kid-oriented Stanley collections but even had a Choo-Choo Charlie story that apparently hasn’t been reprinted anywhere since before I was born, and makes me want to read all the others.

    And the free LOVE & CAPES issue was terrific, too, but I already got a copy of that a couple weeks ago.

  2. Will be interesting to see what’s left at my local comic shop as yet again, FCBD was on Derby Day and at least for me, Derby wins out over free comics every year . . .

  3. My local shops had varying levels of discouns and fan-friendliness. One shop was selling all comics at 25% off, then higher discounts for some GNs and Showcase Presents reprints. Some Marvel Masterworks going for 75% off. $10 coupon for your next visit if you spent $50. 2 Free comics per.

    Another shop had NO discounts on new comics, and only 20% off the small selection of GNs. 5 free comics per.

    Last shop had 10% off comics. A few free comics to choose from.

    It’s clear that each manager saw the goals of the day differently, but only the first one was “workin’ it”.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever made it to a store for Free Comic Book day. This maybe a stupid question, but is it usual for someone to be offering the comics that publishers put out to be given away for free as “first one is free, any others are 25 cents”?

  5. The selections this year were absolutely phenomenal compared to recent years. Managed to score nearly all the books offered this year, and that Mouse Guard is a automatic keeper. Really opened my eyes to something completely new.



  6. @Ikaras–I haven’t heard of that. More common is limiting the number of free comics you can get. My store limited me to just two.

  7. One of my LCS’ gave one free comic per person (it is free comic book day not comic bookS day :-) and “sold” the rest for $0.50 per book. The money went to the local public library. Fair trade in my mind. We didn’t buy anything – we were caught up on everything and didn’t see any trades that caught our eye.

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