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It seems that famed Canadian cartoonist Chester Brown, 48, is running for Parliament — as a libertarian. The Beguiling is supporting his effort with a drive to get enough signatures to allow his name to get on the ballot. This got a little play on comics blogs this week, but now it’s got more in the local paper. Brown is running as a Libertarian:

Brown is nonetheless planning a genuine run for Member of Parliament in the Trinity-Spadina riding, a job currently held by NDP celeb Olivia Chow, where he would be the closest thing the Libertarians have ever boasted to a star candidate — taking time out for campaign events between working on his follow-up to 2003’s Louis Riel, a 200-page chronicle of his experiences paying for sexual services, which is about one-quarter complete, produced with the assistance of a $16,000 grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Not all of Brown’s peers support his run:

“Seth told me that, after he heard I was into this, that something died within him.”

We say, that with Chet’s avowed habit of paying for sex, he fits right into the political scene!


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