Miller Mcgowan Rodriguez Wide
Over the weekend Frank Miller had a star studded 51st birthday party in Vegas with all the trimmings:

300 and Sin City creator Frank Miller celebrated his 51st birthday Saturday night at CatHouse inside the Luxor after being lured there under the guise of simply dinner with Sin City star Jamie King.

After dinner, Miller was surprised by a number of his Hollywood friends, including Sin City director Robert Rodriguez, actress Rose McGowan (currently engaged to Rodriguez, who directed her in Grindhouse), Sin City star Rosario Dawson, 300’s Gerard Butler, 24 actor Louis Lombardi, Spanglish knockout Paz Vega and CatHouse partner and chef Kerry Simon.

While Frank seems to be quite cmfy in the celebrity world, we did spot a familiar face on the photo page.


  1. I wonder if other comic book people were a part of that, or if Mr. Miller is merely toasted by his Hollywood pals now?

  2. I think that’s Charles Brownstein in the last photo. He’s the executive director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

  3. I reckon you’re right, Tim. DDGB would surely have rated a mention in the Daily Fiasco’s photo caption. Instead, it’s, “Hey, look – celebrity chef Kerry Simon! And, uh… some other guy, who we will not deign to mention!” Comic-book celebrity only takes you so far, I guess.