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Frank Frazetta 1928-2010


Word is going around the internet that legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta has died at age 82, but we haven’t been able to confirm this, despite many tweets and blog postings stating that he has died. At this point it has to be considered UNCONFIRMED although he has been in ill health of late, and was hospitalized yesterday.

UPDATE: We are sad to confirm via Frazetta’s agent Robert Pistella that the artist passed away this afternoon in a hospital near his home. The cause of death was a stroke. Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly.

Frank Frazetta was born February 9, 1928. His early artistic career consisted of years of exquisitely drawn comics work, including contributions to the EC line of comics, assisting Al Capp on L’il Abner and later drawing several years of the strip, and working with Harvey Kurtzman on Little Annie Fanny.

In the ’60s, Frazetta turned to cover paintings for the thriving pulp paperback industry and created one of the most recognizable illustration styles of all time. His covers for Conan, Tarzan and other rough-hewn heroes created a visceral, violent, erotic yet somehow still nuanced visual style that has been endlessly imitated but never surpassed — Frazetta’s imagery of brawny, relentless swordsmen, seductive, fleshy sirens and hellfire breathing monsters had a gut level impact because it came from the gut — his many followers were just tracing without the passion of the originals.

In recent years, as reported here and elsewhere, the Frazetta estate had been much in dispute among his four children, following the death of his wife, Ellie. After some family squabbles that could only be called stressful and embarrassing, peace was made, however, and the sale of some of Frazetta’s most iconic paintings had begun, notably with the $1,000,000 sale of one of his paintings to a buyer believed to be Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. Another Frazetta painting was recently put up for auction, although it was not owned by the family.

Below is one of the last known public photos of Frazetta, shown in February at a family barbeque in Florida with his daughters and granddaughter.
I’m a pulp girl at heart; Frazetta was one of the great image makers of my youth and I’m personally saddened beyond words at his passing. Despite everything that’s gone on with the family, Frazetta’s legacy will surely be as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, a fantastic image maker whose imagination will live on for generations to come.

Our condolences to his friends and family.

UPDATE: More of my thoughts on Frazetta and links to more reminiscences can be found here.


  1. @ Sarah: That sounds official to me. :( Your grandfather was an art hero of mine from when I was very small. His art was filled with light, passion & humor. I’m sorry he is gone.

  2. This is the saddest DAY in the history of our beloved four-color medium since the death of Jack Kirby. Not only have we lost one of the most amazing illustrative talents our medium has ever seen, but with him goes a living representation of where we have come from and where we could go.
    I will miss you Frank.

  3. My condolences to the family as well. He was definitely an inspiration. Studying his art was often a way for me to get myself drawing again when the mental ink dried up. Maybe I’ll do some drawing, tonight, in honour.

  4. My prayers and condolensces are with his family. He was truly a great artist whose work inspired and and was admired by many.

    May God bless his family in their time of grief.

  5. Very sad news and a gloomy day for us all , A great artist and a great person….My thoughts and prayers with the entire family and friends

  6. Of all the art I’ve looked and admired over the years it was always Frank’s that I came back to the most. Every painting was compared to his.

    He will be greatly missed.

  7. I’m very sorry another great one has passed away, I’m condoling with his family…
    (exuse me if my english language is not correct)

  8. My sympathies to the Frazetta family.
    I often look at his work: the freedom, the agility of the figures, and their vitality. Rest in Peace, Mr. Frazetta.

  9. Another one of the greats passes on. I love his art so much, and I love his story even more. He was truly inspirational on so many levels, and no one can touch his talents, achievements, and influence. He will be deeply missed.

  10. My sympathies to his friends and family, and to his legions of fans. We will miss you, Mr. Frazetta. Thanks for sharing your art with us.

  11. He drew women as women & not as skinny boys. He made women who had curves happy. My husband loved his art work. And thanks to Mr Frazetta he loved my curves. Bless you Mr Frazetta for that alone!

  12. I cried when I heard this news… He was so influential to so many of us. My sincere condolences to the family… His work will live forever!

  13. Farewell, Master!
    You’ve been an inspiration for so many Romanian artists and Fantasy fans!
    You are in our hearts and our creations, Fantastic Frank Frazetta!

  14. There was no better illustrator in the history of the art form, and certainly no more influential Fantasy artist. There is Fantasy art before Frazetta’s cover work in the 60’s, and after; just looking at genre art from that era you can see that he single-handedly changed everything.

    He will be missed but his legacy is indelible.

  15. My deepest condolences for the family of Frank Frazetta and for the art-world.

    He was a true international impact on the art industry; influencing artists of all walks and origins. He will be deeply, deeply missed around the world.

    I hope his family will choose to retain his legacy, his paintings in the Frazetta museum so more and more can keep going on art pilgrimage and witness his art first-hand.

    Again, my deepest condolences.

  16. “Fraztetta”? Could you at least spell the man’s name right. You know, in bold, in the first paragraph… Also, “Metallica”, not “Metalicca”.

  17. It seems cliché to say, but Frank Frazetta will truly live forever in the hearts, minds and souls of every person his artwork touched. He will never be forgotten and his contribution to not just pop culture but American culture and art simply cannot be measured.

  18. I am his Grandson. I just heard about his passing. It is a very unfortunate event; he will be greatly missed.

  19. He was the one who made concept art what is today. He had the courage to show us how fantasy art should be made. The greatest inspiration to me and to my career. Condolences to all his family.

  20. I can’t put into words what Frank Frazetta meant to me and to my career in art/comics. He was the greatest inspiration of all time and his work best reflected the great illustrators of the past, and lent itself to the inspiration of many like myself in the present and I’m certain his work will continue to inspire in the future. My condolences to the Frazetta family. Frank has passed. LONG LIVE FRAZETTA!

  21. I’ll never forget the first time I picked up a collection of his artwork. His work inspired and still influences what I do today.

  22. My condolences…he is an enormous influence on my life and I will continue to share his amazing talent with the artists that I have the good fortune to inspire. My regret is that I never met him in person. To one of the best!!!

  23. My condolences and heart-felt sympathy to the entire Frazetta family. Mr. Frazetta was a true master of his craft. The untold masses of painters and illustrators he inspired are all feeling heavy hearted today at his passing. To quote illustrator Jeffrey Jones, “There are some artists whose work makes you want to paint and then there are those whose work makes you want to quit.” I believe Mr. Frazetta was just such an artist that when viewing his work many artists have asked, “Why even bother?” Farewell Mr. Frazetta you will be missed.

  24. To the Frazetta Family and to the fans of this man’s great work: Remember, as long as oil will touch canvas or pen to paper, so will Frazetta touch our artistic hearts.

  25. I can’t say I’m surprised, but it hasn’t really sunk in yet and the sadness will deepen and remain for a long time. I saw my first Frazetta on the cover of CREEPY #3 over 45 years ago, and it struck a nerve which has not stopped vibrating since. Utterly unique, he remains my favorite artist, bar none, and today the art world has a hole in it that will never, ever be filled.

  26. This is very sad news Sarah; I am so sorry for your loss. Frank Frazetta gave a great gift of beautiful fantasy artworks to the world. They are a treasure trove of images from worlds in other times and dimensions. I always loved Frank’s work and still have a glossy book of his works. He was a big influence on my own paintings and illustrations. He will be remembered forever.

  27. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

    My sincere condolences to all his family.

  28. Had the honor/thrill to meet him and his wife once…. Seeing his paintings in person was almost secondary to shaking the man’s hand and the way they treated us. It was one case where a childhood hero did not disappoint. He was the real deal; 100% class. He was the best. No one could touch him. Rest well, Mr. Frazetta. I hope where he is, he is with Ellie, young and strong again…playing baseball. God bless him.

  29. He was the master and the originator of it all. Many people would not be drawing if it was not for his insperation. He will be missed but never forgotten.

  30. My friends, I have no words.
    This is a sad moment indeed.
    I remembember watching Fire and Ice when I was 10 years .
    And Man, what a rush.
    I became an Artist because of Frank, and there was so much to say…
    Part of Frank will live on forever with me, he was indeed my favorite Artist.
    Goodbye old man, and thank you !
    Warm regards from Portugal to family and friends.

  31. A great artist has gone.
    The world of dreams born from his art remains forever.
    I’m very sad, here in France.
    goobbye. Thank you.

  32. The era has not ended, the man who was at the base and start may have left us to exist in the worlds he created. but the era and legend is still with us all. every time we wish to be as great, we pay tribute to the immortal man Frank had become. Keep your sword clean in the here after sir.

  33. Desde Chile mis condolencias a la Familia, para mi es un dolor muy profundo saber que se ha ido un gran maestro, quien pudo sembrar en mi y en muchísima gente el mistico arte fantástico. Gracias por todo lo que nos traspasaste y buen viaje
    Adios maestro Frazetta

  34. some of the first things i remember in my early days. i was about 6 years old at the time. i discovered comics and more importantly some of Franks work. my brother had collections of alot of things featuring Franks masterworks and it was then that i first picked up pen and paper.

    since those days Frank has been kind of like my godfather inspirational…godlike…damn…sorry words are failing me. the guy was who opened the door to my own creativity. i owe everything to that moment when i turned the page and the death dealer stared me in the face.

    so thank you Frank. you will always be remembered over here. its a shame i never got to shake his hand and thank him for his contributions to my life -albeit indirectly.

    i’m just shocked,saddened…

  35. After the last 20 years of anime/CGI etc, ad nauseum, it is a breath of pure oxygen to be reacquainted with sci-fi art of actual /substance/. Frank lived to see the faint beginnings of the coming revival.

    What an excellent artist.

    RIP Frank!

  36. I remeber my father handing Frank Frazetta’s art books when i was 6 years old and the artwork blew my MIND away. After that Frank Frazetta’s art work was all that i ever talked about. This man was a warrior with a pen,pencil and a paint brush his whole life. He is a Legend that will forever be remembered for his amazing talent and works of art.
    Thank you for all the inspiration Frank!

  37. Another of the giants of my youth has left us… may his work live on through my efforts and the countless other artists his work has inspired throughout the years.

    I miss him already…

  38. When I bought my iPad last month, Frank Frazetta’s depiction of Conan fighting Thak in “Rogues in the House” (the cover illustration for the first Ace Conan volume) went right up as my wallpaper. It’s my favorite Frazetta piece (for the reds on Thak alone), but I could easily have chosen many others. I can’t recall seeing a Frazetta that I didn’t like. Condolences to Mr. Frazetta’s family.

  39. 36 years of comic book retailing with this legend to share the with. Thanks to Frazetta! for all the great work and inspiration to creators and illustrators. White light heading his way!

  40. Frank and Ellie Frazetta were always nice to me and I enjoyed my phone conversations with them. Frank’s work transcended geographic and political boundaries. I have friend all over the world and every one knew Frank’s work. His influence is undeniable.

  41. Frank Frazetta has probably directly influenced every artist in the fields of comics, illustration or entertainment art creation! If not directly then indirectly. Such a rare and incredible feat. May he rest in peace!

  42. @ Sarah: I’m so sorry for your (double) loss. I had the pleasure of meeting your grandmother once and she was an absolute treasure. But never had the pleasure of meeting your grandfather. I wish I did, because he was a major inspiration for me. The world has lost the greatest artist of our time, IMHO. God Bless you and your family during this difficult time.

  43. frank was and always will be the man. he’s the reason i got into and am now a painter. tanks for da memories frank

  44. I first discovered Frazetta reading old paperback Robert E. Howard Conan books and was blown away by the raw brooding power of the work. As an adult I was lucky enough to work on Jaguar God and Death Dealer as the Managing Editor at Verotik. I didn’t get to work directly with Frank, but it was one helluva dream come true working on those characters in any capacity. Good luck with your adventures in the next world Frank!

  45. I’ve admired Frazetta’s artwork most of my life. To me he was a Deity in the art world. Frank Frazetta was truly a Master Artist & Painter of our time.
    Frazetta was able to convey so much is a single stroke with his brush that took other artists multiple strokes and still couldn’t compare.
    My condolences to his family.

  46. My prayers are with the Frazetta family. I had the great privilege to meet Mr. Frazetta a few times. Ellie even sent my family over to the house for a picture two summers ago. Last September after talking to Mr. Frazetta at the museum he waved me over to the house and we talked for quite awhile. My great memory is shaking hands with him when I had to go. He said, “This has been a pleasure. Come again sometime.” I told him, “Hey, the pleasure was all mine! I’ll come and bring friends.” It is hard to know that he is gone. God bless you and your family, Frank Frazetta.

  47. His work and memory will continue in perpetuity. Any artist who draws on the mystical barbarian aesthetic immediately recalls Frazetta’s imagery, wittingly or not. His great imagination and skill have defined an entire genre, which is something very few artists can claim.

    May he rest in peace.

  48. I’ve studied Frazetta’s art for over thirty years and could never get enough of it. He had it all; brilliant color, composition, a lively line. He also did it all; fantasy, Western, Romance, Horror, Jungle, etc. He was a true master of his craft and will be missed. R.I.P. Frank Frazetta.

  49. This man took me to far away lands and brought my own imagination to the fore. Thank you Mr. Frazetta. Thank you from all of us who were inspired by you. The world has lost a portal to worlds untold and you will be missed.

  50. Although I never met Frank Frazetta, his impact on the science fiction industry was profound. I remember how many of the young artists of my generation revered his work and attention to detail.

    He and Frank Kelly Freas were the grand masters of art in the genre. An era has closed.

  51. Frank Frazetta left this world a legacy of truly magnificent art that will continue to inspire for decades (and centuries) to come. Frazetta was indeed a modern master and while his passing is a sad occasion for so many many people, his art will live on in our hearts and for that I am grateful.
    So, thanks Frank, for showing the world that imagination still matters.
    Rest in peace my friend.

  52. I was raised on the Frank Frazetta Conan covers of the 60s. The poster versions wall-papered my room.

    It is my belief that Frazetta almost single-handedly created the genre of “heroic-fantasy” illustration.

    But Frazetta also inspired not just a generation of artists, but of writers, directors, producers — anyone who got involved in sci-fi and fantasy storytelling.

    He had no equal, then or now.

  53. Deepest sympathy to the family, a huge loss to the art world, a truly great man with a fantastic legacy of amazing work that will continue to be enjoyed by millions.

  54. Sadly enough, he will be missed here on earth, but I hope if there is a heaven, that he is now bearing witness to some of the best creations in the universe and trying to use that as his new muse. If we could only see what he would paint now. Farewell, Frank Frazetta, Farewell! We’ll all see you again, we’ll all be along soon enough.

  55. I’ve been a huge fan of Frank Frazetta (well who wasn’t?) since I first discovered his fantastic paintings in those Ballantine Book collections back in the mid 1970’s. His art was never static, Frank Frazetta was a true GIANT.

  56. I was fortunate to have visited the museum near Stroudsburg PA last fall. I had my DVD of Fire and Ice with me in the hopes of meeting the master and asking him to sign it. Unfortunately Frank was not available that day, but what a thrill to see his work in person. I urge all fans to make an effort to visit the museum. Your expectations will be exceeded. It’s cool that there is no way to tell from the road you have arrived, no sign. This place is for the real fans who seek it out! Deepest condolences to the family.

  57. Condoleances to his family. He left this world, yet he will be together with us forever through his art.
    God bless his soul!

  58. I was a neophyte artist who was lucky enough to work on the same comic book with Mr. Frazetta when I worked at Verotik(Thank you,Hart). His cover artwork made the comic worth buying. I was at the Verotik booth at the San Diego Con the year he and Ellie visited. I looked up from the Verotik booth and there he was 5 feet from me; The man who ignited my appreciation and love of Art.
    Did I walk up and shake his hand and thank him for all the joy and passion his artwork had given me?.
    You don’t bother God.
    You may only look on from afar.
    My only regret in life.
    It’s been a terrible day.

  59. My Condolences to the family, I’m truly sorry. He was a gift from heaven with the power to touch many with his talent and wisdom. He will be missed but always remembered thru the ages.

  60. My condolences to the family.
    His art will prevail as an inspiration for many years to come.
    Thanks for the ride, Mr Frazetta.
    From Ecuador, south America, where his art influenced more than 2 generations of artists and enthusiasts.

  61. My deepest sympathies to the family of Frank Frazetta. I remember as a kid going into bookstores to look at the Conan books only to find the covers torn off and missing. Then we would go to the nearby novelty shop and and I’d buy my favorite Frazetta posters for $1.50.He really made me want to draw better.


  62. My condolences to the family from Spain, Europe. His art will survive forever, worldwide. That’s much more than many of us can say, and I hope will give his family some kind of consolation for his loss.

  63. Frazetta’s artwork is unique. Each painting seems to move, as if the characters are alive. Fantastic, lusty, bold, lager-than-life characters, but they seem real.

    I remember the first time I saw a book full of his artwork. I was shocked, overwhelmed.

    Frazetta’s work continues to have that effect on me.

  64. I would like to transmit you, Frazetta’s relatives and admirers in the States, the sorrow I feel here, in Spain, as one of his more ancient fans of his work.
    Rest in peace, master

  65. Frank Frazetta – another of my Idols that I will never be able to thank in person. Frank Frazetta – an artistic genius that departs this mortal coil leaving behind a phenomenal body of work that has touched, and will continue to touch, so many. Frank Frazetta – it’s time to show Michelangelo how it’s done.

  66. An inspiration to many.

    The women he painted define the word “calipygian”.

    Yet… his actual comics work is almost forgotten. In an industry which discourages pin-ups in portfolio reviews, most of his work was cover and poster illustration.

    Art is segregated in the United States… comic strips aren’t comic books, illustration distances itself from comics, fine art considers illustration “blue collar” or prostitution… Each has its merits, each has its museums, each has its fans and academics. Yet it is rare when one sector is noticed by another.

    Will Frazetta fade into obscurity like Gibson? Or maintain some commercial viability like Rockwell? Will he be studied or forgotten one hundred years from now?

  67. Goodbye, and thanks for all the fantastic art.

    I’m sure R.E.H. will buy you a beer, where ever you’re going; you made his stories come alive. ;)

  68. My condolences to the family…Frank was the unsurpassed master. I am so appreciative of Frank and Ellie’s hospitality and am sorry to hear the news. Will not be forgotten!

  69. Frank was a master of his craft an inspired visionary in his field. I know that his name will continue, like his art, to inspire others. Rest in peace Frank.

  70. My condolences to the entire Frazetta family. Frank was a great man and I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I got to spend with all of you! He will be greatly missed!

  71. My condolences to Frazetta family.
    Frank Frazetta was and is a big inspiration to me. Good bye hero. From Spain, David.

  72. Frank Frazetta was not just a brilliant Artist and his Art was not just mind blowing. It was powerful enough to have created a movement, a shift in conciseness in the world. A real “System Baster”. Men like him are very rare and precious indeed.
    Thank you Frank.

  73. First shock, then tears, now anger that this isn’t plastered across mainstream CNN/NBC/Dailyshow whathaveyou. There should be parades planned and wakes and tributes and drinks hoisted aplenty. My condolences to his family and friends.

  74. There can be no doubt that Frank Frazetta has been and will continue to be a powerful influence to the countless many. His absence will be greatly missed.
    It is my sincerest hope that his great works will be available to public viewing and not sold to the highest bidder.

    I send my sincerest condolence to Frank Frazetta Jr. for his recent losses.

  75. Went to New York in the summer of 2000. Did a lot of things that trip but really the hilight was renting a car and going on the holy grail quest of visiting the Frazetta museum in East Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania. (I even had to call the house along the way to find our way – Frank himself answered and gave us directions). We got there, met Ellie. Saw the house, museum and fantastic surroundings. Fond memory. Yes, as someone said earlier…a toast to Frank.

  76. Your grandfather had talent that one could only dream of, he was an icon to the comic industry and will be missed. Sorry for your loss.

  77. I do not normally post things on sites, for any reason. I have to make exception. An Icon is a symbol of a “Source” and your grand-father can be considered nothing less.

    The ability of an artist is demonstrated in the amount of communication in their art, as I have learned from L. Ron Hubbard. I cannot express the enjoyment Mr. Frazetta’s work gave me in reading the books for which he did cover illustrations. The expressiveness, the depth of message in his shadings, the … – …there’s no need for me to go on. It is all to clear to anyone viewing his work.

  78. He dedicated DeathDealer to the III Corps at Ft hood in 1986. We became the Phantom Corps in the image of the warrior in the painting. He was a Rotary member, and when the Army gave the members a chance to drive a tank, they picked mine. Frank drove first, asking me to hold his camera, he hooked up the helmet and I talked him through the start up procedures.
    When he was set I had him put it in gear and crank the throttle wide open, (dont forget to breathe)I yelled as the turbine engine wound up and sent us speeding along at 40MPH in a very short time. Frank was in awe of the mass and energy of the Tank.

    Ellie drove next, against her own choice, Frank insisted. She did fine until we came to a curve in the trail. She gave too much throttle while making a sharp turn and threw a track. We were done for the day.

    I saw him as very reserved (power) and headstrong, just as he reflected in his art.

    Here’s to Frank:

  79. He is one the the greatest classical artist of our time. We studied his work at the famous Art & Design High School, along with the works of Ralph Bakshi who Frazetta collaborated with.

    I have often said that I would like to have achieved even half his talent in my life time. I still hope to do so.

  80. My husband and I were just talking about Mr. Frazetta, making plans to go to the museum we have wanted to see since we started dating 36 yrs. ago. I Googled his name and it said he had died, this very day. Our entire family of artists has been influenced by his vision. We pray for peace and strength for his family and thank him for all he has done.

  81. Mr. Frazetta left us too soon, with no one able to compare with his talent, there is a void in the Art world… and in my heart.

  82. Farewell Mr Frazetta. I grew up reading the novels that you illustrated, and even have a book of your work. You are gone, but your art lives on.

  83. an inspiration to generations of artists,the true master of fantasy art, the ultimate vision of CONAN, a man who will be greatly missed …RIP master of the universe

  84. I remember being an art student at Art & Design in New York when on a field trip to the Society of Illustrators I was introduced to Frazetta’s work…
    My knees buckled when my eyes gazed on the wooly mammoth painting. I realized then that if I was going to be an artist I would need to put in as much passion into my work as Frank did in his. I have and thanks to Frank Frazetta I am a successful artist.
    Thank you Frank, You will be missed.

  85. Just wanted to say I am sorry for your loss.
    I have enjoyed Franks work for many years and he has enriched my life because of it.

  86. Without a doubt, Frank was the greatest artist of the 20th century. The first time I saw his work was Creepy #4(wolfman). I was just a kid, but he was the one that inspired me to draw. I am deeply saddened. he will be missed.

  87. Wow.. Prepare yourselves for some surfacey outlines of his career in publications that will have no idea of the actual depth of this subject.
    What artist, budding or realized, doesn’t still have old 60s/70s examples of their own attempted Frazetta art ? Mine are that witch-lady-person staring straight ahead and the woman with the baby (and the excellent rear end) sunk into the snow while a wolf pack advances on her.
    I imagine Frank’s bumper sticker probably read ‘I’d rather be at a ballgame’ but I sure do appreciate the time he took to make us all some memories. -David

  88. To the Frazetta family, we grieve with you.

    The sad secret of Frank Frazetta is that as an artist he was the whole package, everything an Artist could strive to be. Painter, Sculptor, Design all with impecible taste. Nothing about his work made it solely illustrative. He was a Fine Artist whose narrative made people gap in awe…

    Frank’s work (and very few others) gave all of us the inspiration to try and channel that creative lightning. To find our Passion and let is shine through in our art. I’ve always mentioned Frank to those outside our industry as an example of the very best, the very brightest and an unparalleled talent. Of what we could be if we reached perfection.

    I had the honor to work with Frank twice, and really it was just Frank’s vision.
    Thank you for the Honor, Frank!

  89. One of the greats is gone. Most probably the inspiration to other comic painters like Alex Ross. A true master in his field. RIP.

  90. I was in college in 1977 when I saw for the first time the Art of FRAZETTA. I have followed his career since then and collected his book and his calendars. It is really a sad day for the followers of his art worldwide. FRAZETTA will never die, his art will live forever. from Puerto Rico.

  91. Frank Frazetta was one of a kind. His art was truly amazing. Probably the greatest fantasy artist of all. Just look at his paintings of Conan, or even just one and you will realize he was the king!

  92. An icon and a truly inspirational artist. Frank was a part of my childhood during the 70’s and an influence in my own work. His legacy will live on.

  93. Mr. Frazetta was to me not just a Master Artist of the fantasy realm, but a Master in Life as in all the things he did. He paid attention to the physical aspect as well as the artistic and family life.

    He is a man I believe all man with an eye for art and health should strive to achieve. A living force. May you rest in Peace.


  94. very sad news indeed; my thoughts/prayers are with his family. frazetta was one of my earliest inspirations & influences; a true art hero!! *sigh* your soul & life’s work live on; godspeed frank!

  95. Though his passing is saddening, take heart that he will now be painting in colors unimaginable across infinite canvases…

  96. My sincere condolences to his loved ones.

    Frank was and will continue to be an amazing influence on so many artists.

    Thank you Frank! Rest well.

  97. I’m very sorry to hear about Frank’s
    recent passing.

    Defying the notion that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Frank made anything with his cover worth purchasing.

    As a boy, I bought Creepy magazines, Edgar Rice Burroughs paperbacks, and anything else I could get my hands on that had his work on it. It captured your imagination and even after art school and a career in art, I still find his colors and compositions second to none.

    Frank was a major talent, and I’m glad he was appreciated in his lifetime.

  98. I am heartbroken for the family. I can only think of the numerous times i was kicked out of all classes except art, for trying to draw like FRAZETTA, i wish i had all the sketches back that the teachers took from me. i am 47 and still inspired by All his works.

  99. Estupor general en el ambiente del comic de Argewntina y profundo dolor por la muerte del maestro. Inolvidable.
    Rodríguez Van Rousselt

  100. Frank Frazetta`s Illustrations, Comics and Paintings ment a lot to me. Today I make a living out of Illustrations and Frank Frazetta was one reason for me to went that way. Somehow he was the best Artist in the world.

    Thank you Frank Frazetta for all of your work!

    Gerhard Schlegel, Munich, Germany

  101. With a tear in my eye, I write to offer my condolences to the Frazetta family for their loss of a Father & Grandfather.
    The rest of us have lost the best fantasy artist ever.
    Frank set the standard that will never be matched, by anyone, ever.

  102. Good bye Frank. You’ll be missed.

    In the words of Conan: May you crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women.

  103. I felt so terrible when I heard the news.
    He was our master. An Icon.
    There’s too much I have to say, but to keep it short, this giant made the life more bearable and interesting for a kid living on the other side of the world, shaped the path he took in life, and became one of his masters.

    Inevitable, but still so sad.

  104. pleaste delete my first post.

    05/13/2010 at 12:02 pm
    Another titan falls. We’ve been losing a lot of them over the last year or so it seems. Frank Frazetta was probably responsible for making me seriously consider art as a career path. He was the most talented fantasy artist of all time. He was probably one of the best artists who ever walked the Earth. I really think his work was just as good as most of what was produced during the RENAISSANCE. He was a technical virtuoso. In addition to that, he seemed like he was one of the more personalable artists of the twenteith century. He had a rich personal life that ran paralell to his career. For him, it was never all work and no play. His work never overtook his personal life and his personal life didn’t intrude into his work. Because he was a top-notch professional, he made it look easy.
    At least that’s what I gathered from what I read about him in high school. My condolences go out to his family who lost a great man. There won’t be another like him.

  105. Inmortal his art in the animation Fire and Ice, I wanted to see more animations with their art. But now all the animation is cartoon style, Filmation where are you? (I need you)

  106. Frank Frazetta, Pellucidar, Tarzan, Conan, imaginary landscapes, beasts, beauties, etal….they’re all part of the picture we’ll never forget

  107. Frank Frazetta was the fist Artist that I can remember learning about. My father introduced me to Frazetta when he bought me a book ” The fantastic art of Frank Frazetta” when I was in grade school. It changed my world, my life and the way I thought about art. I always wanted to go to The Frazetta museum, and hopefully meet him and yes Frank Frazetta has his own Museum, Not may artist can say that! Now it will never happen, BUT some day I will make it to his museum. For any of you that like my work, you can thank my Father and Frank Frazetta, it was them both that sparked my imagination . His artwork was from his imagination, Pure imagination. You will always be missed, but you will live on in all the Artist that you inspired and frustrated trying to reach the bar that you raised so high.

  108. I am saddened as i have just heard the news.
    Tonight i will watch Painting with Fire.
    He will always be a huge inspiration to me
    and i will continue to stare for countless hours at his incredible works.

  109. My condolences to Frazetta family.
    Thank you Frank, for all the staring moments in front of your images. Thank you Frank, for your art, a real gift.
    You will be missed.

  110. A true master. I was inspired by this man many years ago and would search the bookstores just to find his work. He opened up new and fantastic worlds to young imaginative minds and was to me one of the first artists to show that creativity has no limits!

    Goodbye Mr. Frazzetta, keep painting in the heavens!


  111. Le plus grand de l heroic fantasy
    un tres grand talent
    condoléance a la famille
    Mon frère des amis et moi étions tres fan
    adieu Mister Frazetta

  112. I share the great sadness to the lost of Mr. Frazetta and his wife; who together has inspired and fascinated the comic and fantasy art community, as well as the music and movie community. I have idolized his artwork for over 30 years and they never failed to amazed me.

    My condolences goes out to every Frazetta family members, close friends and and the fantasy art community that saw the man as an American Icon.

  113. Une étoile s’est éteinte. Mais elle brillera toujours dans nos cœurs. Je suis triste.
    Condoléances à toute la famille.

  114. He took me to places that I could never imagined worlds within worlds. I can never thank you enough. I will see you in a better place goodbye

  115. What can i say about Frazetta, we lost a God among artists, he was a trail blazer in every sense of the word. He inspired artist all around the world with his art, thank you so much for sharing you art as well as passion with us you will never be forgotten, my condolences to the Frazetta family, rest well Frazetta sincerely Richard Ramirez.(artist)

  116. I’m an art student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and I am proud to say I’m doing an assignment presentation on the Legend and Grand Master of Fantasy Art; Frank Frazetta.
    There will be no other like you. You Inspired me to do what I do today, I thank you Frank. God Bless You- Joel

  117. hoy estoy triste porque se a hido el artista frazetta , hoy dia 11 de agosto de 2010 me di cuenta que se habia hido , el esta en el cielo con todos sus seres queridos y su esposa y los que no lo son , una leyenda en el comics , uno de los grandes en la perfeccion del cuerpo humano , escribo desde la republica dominicana un gran fan de ese gran artista que se quedara en el corazon de los artitas y de la ilustracion , descanza en paz frank frazetta ,el legendario!

  118. I’m sad today because a remote, the artist Frazetta, today August 11, 2010 I realized that had died, he is in heaven with all your loved ones and his wife and those who are not, a legend in the comics, one of the greatest perfection in the human body, write from the Dominican Republic a big fan of this great artist to stay in the heart of the artists and the illustration, rest in peace Frank Frazetta, the legendary!

  119. Belated condolences to the Frazetta family. He will always be my favorite artist barring none. To me, every one of Frank’s painting is like a time machine that transports me to the exact time in my youth when I first laid eyes on that particular magazine or pocketbook. I now keep the Frazetta Icon books within my water closet. There isn’t a single day that goes by without starting my day enjoying his paintings. God blessed Frank Frazetta with a gift and we are blessed with Frazetta’s gifts forever. Thank you.

  120. The world has lost one of the Greatest Artist of all time. He set the bar and we’re all just trying to reach it. My heart goes out to the family members who truly cared about him.

  121. i have been an proffessional artisit since 1973 and had one of his books. his woman and mans body form was remarkable. every muscel was drawn to perfection. his woman were beautiful,jet strong he projected his imanation so well it was astoning, to see what he was thinking to draw it was a beautiful site to see. so sorry a master is gone but his work will live forever in my heart and my sons mind… god rest his soal

  122. I’ve admired this natural genius since I was 16 when I bought all of his Ballantine Book collection series(1979). I would just look at these books for hours, trying to redraw his creations. Rockwell, n.c. Wyeth, Roger Dean, Bros. Hildebrandt, all my favs. Frazetta, however is the Master.

  123. to a great figure in my life….I am teary eyed now. I cannot, but I should understand that we all have to reach that point in our lives. I almost did in Nov. 21, of 2010 but I feel I was given a second chance. As an artist, I will never achieve his artistic greatness, but I can proudly say that he touched my life and that I learned so much from him. I kept up with him all my artistic life and I have the publications and art about him to prove it. I am an artist in San Antonio that will keep on speaking his name, every time I am asked, who influenced you? Frank Frazetta!

  124. Hello! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a outstanding job!

  125. A personal hero of mine since I first laid eyes on his work when I was 10 years old…..Truly one of the pioneers in so many aspects of the art world since the 50’s.

  126. I was very saddened when I learned of his passing, as he had a very great personal influence on my art. I grew up in the small town of Bangor, a quiet unknown town just a few miles south of his home. I spent quite some time (and money) at their costume shop in Stroudsburg over the years, and always stared at the prints on the walls, studying every line. Having such a well known artist living so near to me seemed like a dream, though it took me some time to realize it. I met him once when I was quite young, then again when in High School. The amazing thing was that he remembered me. I have the great honor of having had the brief, but forever memorable lesson of ‘how to draw a perfect circle without a fuss’. His secret stays with me to this day, and it can be applied to everyday life: “If it doesn’t look right, fix it. Once it looks right, commit to it. Once you commit to it, make it bold.” Thank you Mr. Frazetta, your work will live on forever.

  127. I love Frank Frazetta. He is one of my biggest inspirations. He mastered the paint brush and canvas like a warrior with a sword and shield. Gone speed, Frank Frazetta!

  128. The greatest of all the illustrators on the planet …. Too bad their outward journey and not back … At three years of his death and yet still miss their existence.
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR MASTER MUCH KNOWLEDGE GIVEN TO THE SCIENCE OF ART AND ILLUSTRATION … From my most sincere feelings. Always will be in our hand when we use a pencil, a brush and stroke of fantasy.

    Matias Franco

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