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Fox TV’s Comic-Con schedule


Via pr — GLEE is coming again and it’s gonna be huuuuuge; also lots and lots of Fox cartoons.

Fox TV just sent out all the information on the panels for their various shows. This includes where, when, and who will be attending.

Take a look:


11:00-12:00 Bob’s Burgers: Creator/Executive Producer Loren Bouchard (Home Movies) and Jim Dauterive (King of the Hill) will be on hand to introduce animation fans to their hilarious new series premiering on Fox in January 2011. There will be a screening of never-before-seen footage followed by a Q&A in Room 25ABC.

12:00 – 1:00 Neighbors From Hell: Executive Producers Pam Brady (South Park) and Mireille Soria (Madagascar) screen a never-before-seen episode of their newly launched TBS animated series, and take questions from the audience along with their all-star voice cast including Molly Shannon (SNL), Patton Oswalt (My Weakness is Strong, Ratatouille), Will Sasso (MADtv), Kurtwood Smith (That ’70s Show), David Soren (DreamWorks animation veteran), Kyle McCulloch (Mr. Wong) and Tracey Fairaway (Chicago8 ) in Room 25ABC

2:00–2:45 Bones: Creator and Executive Producer Hart Hanson and Star David Boreanaz— Hart Hanson and David Boreanaz will be on hand to discuss what went down in season 5 of Bones and the cliffhanger finale as well as what’s in store for Booth and Brennan in an exciting season 6! The Q&A will take place in Ballroom 20.

3:30 – 4:30 Terra Nova: Executive Producers Brannon Braga (24, Star Trek: Enterprise), David Fury (24, Lost) and Director Alex Graves will reveal a glimpse into the most highly anticipated epic family adventure 85 million years in the making. This new event drama slated for midseason on FOX comes from the brilliant minds of Steven Spielberg (Jurassic Park, The Pacific) and former News Corporation President and C.O.O. Peter Chernin and follows an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as a part of a massive expedition to save the human race. This exclusive look behind the scenes takes place in Room 6A.


11:00 – 11:45 Family Guy: A freakin’ sweet discussion on all things Family Guy with Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green and more! And don’t miss never-before-seen clips of the third Star Wars parody in Ballroom 20.

11:45 – 12:30 The Cleveland Show: Join the cast and producers of The Cleveland Show for a sneak peek at Season Two, a live table read of one act of Cleveland’s upcoming trip to Comic-Con and an audience Q&A session featuring Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry, Rich Appel, Sanaa Lathan, and Kevin Michael Richardson in Ballroom 20.

12:45 – 1:30 Join the cast and crew in celebrating Futurama’s triumphant re-return to the airwaves! World-premiere footage will offer an exciting and informative glimpse of Comic-Con in the year 3010. Panelists include Executive Producers Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, cast members Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, and Maurice LaMarche, director Crystal Chesney-Thompson, writers Ken Keeler and Patric M. Verrone, and Animation Producer Claudia Katz. Ballroom 20.

1:30 – 2:15 Now entering its record annihilating 22nd season on Fox, The Simpsons has won 25 Emmy awards, been the subject of a smash feature film in 2007, inspired an awesome ride at Universal Studios and Homer Simpson was just named the greatest television character of the last 20 years by Entertainment Weekly. Get an insight into the daily doings of this series from Creator Matt Groening, Showrunner Al Jean, Executive Producer Matt Selman and Supervising Director Mike Anderson. Ballroom 20.


12:30 – 1:15 American Dad: See a never-before-seen episode of American Dad in various stages of animation followed by a Q&A session with producers Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman and cast members Dee Bradley Baker, Scott Grimes & Rachael MacFarlane in Ballroom 20.

1:30 – 2:30 Glee: One year after the cast and creators of Glee came to Comic-con for the first time, the show has exploded with blockbuster ratings, number one albums and a sold-out concert tour. Get an exclusive first look at what’s in store for season 2 from executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk along with stars Chris Colfer, Amber Riley,Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Mark Salling, Heather Morris and Naya Rivera, as they share some never-before-seen footage, spill behind-the-scenes secrets and take questions from the crowd, in Ballroom 20.

2:45 – 3:45 FX Presents Sons of Anarchy: Comic-Con welcomes for the first time Sons of Anarchy, with series stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman, and series creator Kurt Sutter in Ballroom 20.

  1. surprised they didn’t put the two katey sagal panels on same day.

    i wonder what kind of fan overlap there would be for futurama and sons of anarchy.

  2. Were I going to SD, I wouldn’t mind going to a panel with Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, Artie, Puck, Brittany and Santana myself.

  3. Eh. The animation panels I can see having some crossover. And I know Gleeks have a cult following, but does it really match up with comic con? Same with stuff like Sons of Anarchy, even with Segal and Perlman.

  4. @tom: Think of it this way: All the people in the TV panels are people who aren’t going to be at whatever panel *you* want to go to.

    Well, unless your panel is in the same room right before it, anyway.

  5. This shit is retarded. Comic fans should start taking up space at Glee conventions. Oh wait, those exist, Glee producers are just capitalizing on comic con’s success to promote their awful product.

  6. Dear ChestyJiggles,

    While I applaud your hilarious screen name, I must disagree. This shit is far from retarded.

    Fox Ent. is going to be at Comic-Con regardless. Them squeezing in another panel doesn’t bother nor affect anyone who doesn’t want to be involved. It’s not like Glee is eating into an Image Comics panel time. They exist on pretty much exclusive planes.

    Granted you could make the argument that we could be giving space to more retailers or small companies but those guys were going to lose out to a huge behemoth like Fox anyway. And, like I said, Fox is going to be there as a corporation whether we like it or not.

    So, live and let live I say. Twilight on the other hand, is completely inexcusable.

  7. If that were the problem I had with it, I’d have to agree with you.

    I was there though man, I saw things. Things that no man should ever have to see.

  8. Can I just say that I’m glad I’m not the only one who effing hates Glee. It was charming at first but the formula really starts to grate, especially when songs are shoehorned in with the most tenuous ties to the actual theme of the episode. Also when EW had Jane Lynch’s character as #6 on it’s best character list of the last 20 years, I checked out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show has a severe sophomore slump.
    And speaking of tenuous ties, why is this at comicon? Twilight I can see, but this? I’m glad I went to SDCC when I did before they started with this cross-promo -kitchen sink- programming nonsense.

  9. “i wonder what kind of fan overlap there would be for futurama and sons of anarchy.”

    At least 1.

    “Also when EW had Jane Lynch’s character as #6 on it’s best character list of the last 20 years, I checked out.”

    Hey now…are you disliking Jane Lynch or just her character? Wait, it doesn’t matter…Jane Lynch is awesome in any role.

  10. No I’m not disliking Jane Lynch, just the absurd amount of hype that results in a character getting named to a list that is supposed to represent the last 20 of pop culture, yet said character hasn’t even had a full season of story.

  11. Dear SDCC:
    I know it’s great having all this national attention and getting big important companies and mainstream tv shows to attend your event. Who wouldn’t want to have Robert Pattinson at their con, he’s soooo dreamy. But either change your name to the San Diego Mixed Media Event, or keep the focus squarely on comics and their spinoff media.

  12. Wow, so much, well, hate. i love comics, I look forward to SDCC every year. I also, went to the ‘Glee’ panel last year, because i like the show, and will go again this year.
    I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with the twilight fans being there either.

  13. Xenos: “And I know Gleeks have a cult following, but does it really match up with comic con?”

    Heck, yeah. Leave the mere fact that Joss Whedon directed what IMNSHO is the single best episode of Glee to date, “Dream On,” (the one with Neil Patrick Harris as a guest star) and thus the imprimateur of Joss alone gives it the same justification for being there as Bones and Castle do. Glee sure does belong at Comic-Con.

    To high-concept it, Glee is “Freaks and Geeks: The Musical.” If Community being at Comic-Con doesn’t sound out of place, then Glee’s presence shouldn’t sound anymore out of place to anybody because they’re both shows about groups of misfit classmates.

    IMO, on that basis alone it clearly has a MUCH more legitimate excuse for going to Comic-Con than the sitcom The Middle does (obviously) — but it also has much more of a reason to be there than the random procedural starring an alumni of the Buffyverse (and there are at least a couple of those now.) Or high-profile alumnis of Lost and Battlestar Galactica (Hawaii 5-0). Heck, there’s not even *that* thin veneer of reason to justify panels for White Collar (why not In Plain Sight, then?) or Sons of Anarchy in terms of relevance to interest in comics collecting and/or the SF/F and Horror genres in general.

    In my experience, there’s a higher interest in performing arts among typical comics geeks (straight — but inexperienced and therefore insecure, introverted, male). And that’s not just because, well, I’m a comic book collector, choir geek and dramaturge by training (BA in theater with a specialty in Dramaturgy and stage management). Many of my friends from the choirs I was a part of were comics fans or former collectors. It’s the exact same sort of overlap between the fandom of comics and the fandom of genre movies. It just requires accepting that the concept of “genre movies” or “genre shows” includes not just SF/F, Action/Adventure and Horror, but also musical theater.

    It’s long past time for the “He-Man Woman-Haters Club” mentality in the comics and SF/F/Horror fandoms to go the way of the dinosaurs.

    — Rob

    Open PS to the peeps at Comic-Con:

    Glee is in Ballroom 20? I know it’s going to be on Sunday, but still, are you guys mental? I’m 40 and I’ll be camped out with all the younger Gleeks to get into the panel. It’s family day and Glee is (despite their covering Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance,” with its reference to, uh, backdoor sex) a family show.

    Open PS #2, more general: According to MIchael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly, Fox isn’t bringing the rest of the headliners of Glee to the show this year because they were there last year? WTF? Sounds to me like it’s a misbegotten plan to try to bring expectations down low enough that they won’t need anything bigger than Ballroom 20. If so, that’s what I call an amusing mistake on their part.

  14. It’s not about Glee or girls or Twilight, it’s about using up space at an already ridiculously overbooked COMIC con. If these shitty, non-comics related projects want to have a con so bad, they should host their own and see who would come.

  15. @Chesty:

    These non-comics-related projects *do* have a con — it’s called Comic-Con. If you want to have a purely (or even predominantly) comics-related convention in San Diego, you’re going to have to have it at some other time of the year.

    And good luck with that. Even small comics conventions don’t succeed without media guests.

    To paraphrase a Vorlon, “The avalanche has spoken, it’s too late for the pebbles to talk.”

    — Rob

  16. @Rob:

    I think it’s fine to have media guests, so long as the media sprang from comics (ie, an Iron Man 2 panel) or is rooted in sci/fi fantasy (Star Trek panel). When it’s stupid police shows (Bones) or lame musicals (Glee), it’s a waste of space at comic con and just attempt to take advantage of the hard work that SDCC has put in over the years.

  17. Phil:
    I’m glad I went to SDCC when I did before they started with this cross-promo -kitchen sink- programming nonsense.

    Just curious— what year was that, exactly?
    (Must’ve been waaay back.)

    But either change your name to the San Diego Mixed Media Event, or keep the focus squarely on comics and their spinoff media.

    Dear Jeffy: Yeah, I wish SDCC could be more
    precise in their branding too! That’d be so much more helpful for attendees. Hope you’re enjoying the more exact marketing of the “New York Comic Con” and “Chicago Entertaiment & Comics Expo” instead, right?

    I say, bring on the GLEEks— cause at least that mean that some 4K+ of their fans will be
    off the Exhibit Floor for me to navigate through! Or will be in Ballroom 20 instead of competing with me for seats in the other panel rooms…

  18. @ Ed:
    I do enjoy the more precise branding of New York Comic Con. More so than the precise naming, I enjoy the focus on comics, from retailers, guests, panels, etc. Yes, I understand that comic cons have always included media guests, the good cons focus on media guests who have a strong connection to comics and sci fi, while the bad ones, like SDCC and Wizard World, will take any loser that was on a tv show or wrestled.

  19. I can empathesize with the frustration of all these other forms of media converging on Comic-Con but, and I ask this with all sincerity: Could there by a positive side to having the fans of all these alternate forms of entertainment attending Comic Con?

    It’s no secret that the industry is in desperate need of new readers. Maybe some of the Glee and Twilight fans might be encouraged to read comics as a result of their visit to SDCC.

    Yes, Hollywood is promoting their product to us but it can also work in reverse, where the comics industry is also promoting themselves to all these potential new readers.

    Wouldn’t that be a good thing? The Glee and Twilight folk might be exactly what the industry needs right now.

    The only drawback is the saturation of bad material available. DC and Marvel have been flooding the market with some really awful stuff for a really long time… that if sampled by a non reader, just might keep them a non reader.

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