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For sale: LA's iconic Golden Apple comic shop


If you have $679,000.00 sitting around, you can buy Los Angeles’s The Golden Apple, one of America’s best known and longest running comics specialty stores. It’s for sale on eBay right this minute.

The sale price includes $300,000 in inventory in comics, games, toys and so on. You can make an offer.

Founded back in 1979 by Bill Liebowitz, one of the leading retailers in the rise of the direct market of the ’80s, The Golden Apple was a forward-facing store with a wide range of merchandise and a steady stream of events and signings – some of them historic. LA celebrity comics readers were regular customers over the years, and the store was frequently used as a film location when a comics shop was called for.

Liebowitz died in 2004, leaving the store to his wife, Sharon; son Ryan soon came in to run the business at a new location on Melrose Avenue and La Brea.

In a statement, Ryan wrote:

“My father passed away several years ago, Mom is nearing retirement age & I have many other career aspirations. I am currently a partner in a Production Company, Motion Comics company & a Catering business. I am looking for a chance to put the necessary time & effort into those and other projects.

“The fact is…Golden Apple is the most well-known Comic Shop in the world and we’re looking to sell it. We are NOT going out of business, bankrupt or ANYTHING that is negative.

“Moreover, we just had KISS sign autographs in the shop a few weeks ago and Tom Morello is scheduled for January 14…we are still THE PREMIER SHOP!

“We are simply selling our amazing precious rare collectible item on eBay…Golden Apple and ALL its assets.”

A brochure on the sale has several interesting factoids, including this product mix breakdown:

In the brochure, the Liebowitzes make it clear that running a comics shop is just not what they want to be doing at this time…but for the right person, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.


  1. Sorry to hear about GA’s decision, hopefully Meltdown Comics will buy them and make it a real institution not one that’s thought of. Golden Apple’s light went out many years ago, I’m surprised they’re still around.

  2. Sharon, Ryan and Kendra Liebowitz are some of my favorite people in the world, so I hope this can all be worked out to the mutual satisfaction of everyone involved.

    For more than a generation, Golden Apple has been the store that received more general media focus than any other. It’s my hope that whoever takes it over can do great things with it.

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