Over the weekend the Marvel-b0Y Live Journal was taken down, meaning you can’t read the very mild spoilers he posted about Secret Invasion which we read and have already forgotten — spoiler: a character will die! Was it for real? The industry was abuzz with speculation this weekend, and even some people at Marvel weren’t sure what was going on. While Occam’s Razor suggests that it really was just a dumb intern, the idea of Marvel planting a blog by a supposed insider while their big event was about trusted sources turning out to have been alien plants all along is so cool, you almost wish they had done it. One of our own correspondents point out a past blog posting by Tem Brevoort again

In the meantime, watch the skies for some of the bizarre and probably ill-considered new concepts we’ll be throwing out in the weeks and months to come. They may be stupid, or childish, or idiotic–but they won’t be boring!

PS: I’m staying out of the other blogosphere brou-ha-ha. It’s pretty obvious that the people stirring the pot just want to see their names in bold, and I’m not much inclined to go along with the plan.


  1. It appears that someone came on and posted a near full on plot of the first issue of the site and the site when down 10 minutes later. The person who posted the plot asked Marvel b0y what was the issue he had with the book that he didn’t like it.

    I don’t know if it was on Marvel’s end or someone called Marvel b0y’s bluff and he wasn’t who he said he was.

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