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First Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer debuts – excited we are!



People around the world turned off the new Kendrick Lamar album to watch the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi which dropped at Star Wars Celebration today.

Call back to the opening of the Force Awakens trailer with an out of breath Rey opening it? Check. And NIIIICE.

Rey training on a picturesque rocky  island? Check.

Brief glimpses of Finn and Poe? Check.

Dark shots of the crushed Vader helmet and a villainous shot of Kylo Ren? Check?

New spaceships with red jet streams and AT-ATs and…


Ominous voice over by Mark Hamill saying the Jedi must end???? Oh yes.

Luckly, there was not a full shot of Leia though because I would have just burst into tears.

We’ll be back when other, more resource heavy sites do a minute by minute trailer breakdown but…PSYCHED I AM!

Star Wars The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson, opens in December.



  1. Cool teaser, but since when does the STAR WARS universe share the ‘fading hope’ vibe of Tolkien’s Middle-earth? Perhaps Luke’s vision is colored by his own personal despair and there might be hope yet for the Order of the Jedi..

  2. The writers on this site have very different taste than I do. First Thor 3. Now this. This trailer was the definition of “meh.” It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been extremely underwhelmed by the first two Disney Star Wars movies (nothing but fan service for aging fanboys and fangirls).

  3. I plan to see this movie, but when Mark Hamill is gone from the series, I’ll be done with Star Wars. No interest in a young Han Solo movie, and even less in a Bobba Fett movie.

    And no interest in another entire movie, a la ROGUE ONE, that is designed to “explain” an alleged continuity/credibility glitch from decades ago. That is fan service at its most blatant.

  4. Above all else, the original Star Wars was FUN. It was the “feel good” movie of 1977, which is why we all went to see it again and again and again—we wanted to feel good!

    I don’t think “fun” describes what they’ve done as a franchise, and certainly not anymore. More appropriate descriptions might be cynical, derivative, and gloomy.

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