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First Look: New FF #1 Variant cover by Art Adams


Marvel continues to roll out some quirky content for their quirky new FF book with this variant cover by Art Adams. The new FF team features Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa, and Ms. Thing and is by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred.


  1. Nice art. Too bad they littered it with so much distracting and unnecessary text. And “bust a move”? Really? Unless Young MC has a guest spot in the story, that is just horrible.

  2. This looks ridiculous.
    It looks like it was made by Bill & Ted. It’ll be cancelled by the time the smoke clears the room.

  3. I do want to like this but, c’mon, it’s way too obvious. Can Art just do send ups of old Marvel covers every couple of years and and still make a living? Wow. Good for him, but sad for us.

    And those costumes are probably more ridiculous than the “bust a move” comment.

    “The House of Ideas” indeed.

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