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Finally, Wi-Fi


Wow, finally made it to the Wired Cafe where free Wi-Fi, music and Tequila cocktails prevail. Also, some of the kids from Twilight are sitting at the next table. The Wi-Fi and phone signals on the show floor and in the press room are JAMMED, Lt. Uhura, and this cafe for media is definitely a godsend. We’re not quite ready to hit the tequila though.

We never thought we’d say it, but maybe just sitting behind a booth is the way to go if you can’t be at the Wired Cafe. We made the mistake of going to Hall H after the Image panel and perhaps it was best described as Cosplay pandemonium, and long queues to get anywhere and sad files of attendees shuffling off to supposed nerdvana.

This morning we went to the Image Comics Show to support FMB and Ben Templesmith as they announced CHOKER, and it was a star-studded panel with, in addition to the always dapper Mr. Templesmith., Frank Cho, annoucning 50 Girls 50, Tyrese Gibson talking about….uh….something….and Image partners Robert kirkman and Rob Liefeld. As the panel went on, Todd McFarlane and even Jim Lee showed up. While much of the Image Show was the Tyrese Show — “I’ve never been around people who were so passionate about something,” he enthused — McFarlane, Liefeld and Kirkman took over the second half of the panel, talking about the process of creating IMAGE UNITED — a six-issue crossover featuring art by 6 of the 7 image founders and a script by Kirkman. McFarlane joked that he would do a lot of the finished inking and that an “anal” Erik Larsen would notice every line and sometimes white the extra inks out.

Lee showed up for a brief cameo of his wraparound cover for MAYHEM #2, prompting McFarlane to say that Tyrese had gotten Lee to draw more in a week for MAYHEM than he had drawn for IMAGE UNITED.


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