Mark “Wanted” Millar is now such a celebrity in his native Scotland, that we have to read about his health issues in the newspaper:

Marvel comics writer Mark was raced to hospital after his temperature soared to 103 and he developed extreme flu-like symptoms.

Mark, of Glasgow, said: “I went off sick the first week of December and thought I had a heavy cold or flu. My temperature was a consistent 103F and I was awake all night shivering.

“After a week, it wasn’t passing and my wife made me an appointment with the doc.

“He did tests and found my blood was wonky, my spleen was huge and my liver was acting weird – all the symptoms of several very nasty things.

“I was sleeping 20 hours a day and have almost no memory of the whole episode.”

The problem was an adverse reaction to Mark’s medication for his Crohn’s disease. No matter where we read about it, our reaction is simple and emphatic: Get well soon, Mark!