I’m not exactly certain how many US comics shops can celebrate a 38th anniversary, but it isn’t a whole lot. Fat Jack’s Comicrypt is not only Philadelphia’s first comics shop, it’s an institution in its own right. But you never stop learning and growing and they are throwing their first ever anniversary party—so what if it’s the 38th. Good training for the big four-oh.

As guests they’ll have wrestlers Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, who are along with being champions at some point, writers for Aw Yeah comics and, I’m told, soon Dynamite. They’ll be signing TOMORROW from 1 PM to 4 PM.

As part of the celebration, Fat Jack’s is having a 38% off sale on most back issues and all kids under 10 years old will receive a free comic.

From Christopher Daniels: “We’re thrilled to get an opportunity to meet the great wrestling and comic book fans at one of the best stores on the East Coast, Fat Jack’s Comicrypt! I hope they enjoy nonsense & tomfoolery, that’s all I put in the comic book!”

From Frankie Kazarian: “We’re looking forward to chewing the fat with all the fans that come out to Fat Jack’s. We’re psyched to show them all what Bad Influence & AW YEAH COMICS are all about!”

Mike Ferrero of Fat Jack’s Comicrypt: “Christopher (Daniels) and Frankie (Kazarian) are two incredible wrestlers who know how to entertain their fans, and their first comic is a fun and great read. We’re extremely happy to be hosting this signing for our fans at the store, and having it coincide with our anniversary sale helps us put together a great experience for all who come to the store.”

Daniels and Kazarian’s appear in Aw Yeah Comics! #1 and “travel to Beautiful Downtown Skokie to challenge Action Cat & Adventure Bug to a TAG-TEAM wrestling match?! What the…? How did this happen? That doesn’t sound right. How can real-life wrestlers meet comic book characters?” The story is written by Daniels with artwork by Art Baltazar. Bonus Pin-Ups and artwork by Kazarian, Scoot McMahon, Denver Brubaker and Franco. 

imageAw Yeah Cover!.jpeg

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