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Fantagraphics makes what’s old, cool again with ALL TIME COMICS: BULLWHIP

Das Pastoras Cover

For years Fantagraphics has been THE place for incredible cartoonists to flex storytelling muscle. Over the weekend, the publisher announced more details on their new initiative in the world of superhero comics. The new publishing venture, ALL TIME COMICS looks to ambitiously create a brand new shared universe inhabited by super powered heroes and their arch villains.

Each issue of ALL TIME COMICS features a mashup of new cartoonists and classic comic book creators collaborating with writer Josh Bayer to unleash superhero stories in a series of six comic books featuring stand alone, yet interconnected, adventures chocked full of retro crime fighting.

The first of the ALL TIME COMICS will be published this March with CRIME DESTROYER #1 which features the last art by the late great Herb Trimpe. Coming shortly after in April is ALL TIME COMICS: BULLWHIP #1.

Bullwhip is a crimefighter full of classic comic book camp. Female crime fighter in an outfit that probably isn’t good for fighting crime, check. Gallery of heinous themed villains with equally heinous names, check. The debut story, “Web of Oblivion”, will put this hero up against villains named The Misogynist, Rain God, and The Time Vampire.

Check out some of the covers for the book by Das Pastoras (Kafre) and Tony Millionarie (Sock Monkey) along with an EXCLUSIVE look at an in-book pinup by Shaky Kane (Johnny Tomorrow).


Josh Bayer (story); Ben Marra (pencils); Al Milgrom (inks); Das Pastoras (cover) + Tony Millionaire (cover)

Tony Millionaire cover
Das Pastoras Cover
Shaky Kane art

ALL TIME COMICS: BULLWHIP #1 lands in stores this April. Find out more about Fantagraphics entire line up of ALL TIME COMICS on their website.


  1. I really hope these do well. Superhero comics need an injection of something new. Michael Fiffe and Ben Mara can’t do everything on their own.

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