Zack Giallongo posted this for the twitter/tumblr set:

I don’t want anyone to stop creating or posting the things that make them happy! Here’s what I DO want. I want FAN ART FREE WEEK. For one week (five business days) I want everyone to ONLY post or link to original art. It can be their own, or someone else’s. I think taking a week to challenge ourselves to create original stuff is absolutely okay, don’t you? I want to see what you can do that springs from your mind! I want to see the images you really enjoy, and not merely because they are from your favorite show! I want just one week where I am exposed to original art by the original creators. That’s all. You can hold off on posting your Thundercats until next week, can’t you?


Here’s what I’m doing, and I would love it if you joined me! Every day next week (August 22-26) I’m going to post at least an image a day of something original I’ve done, or something original a fellow artist has done. I’ll even be marking everything with the tag FAFW (Fan Art Free Week). If a lot of us do this, think of what new and cool stuff we might discover! And think about who might even see YOUR originality and enjoy it.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even *gasp* create fanart of it later!

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  1. I am a repeat offender of this very thing, being a part of the Line is Drawn crew at the comics should be good blog on CBR, but I heartily endorse this initiative! My Muppet Thor comic got 6 times more views in a week than my original webcomic, Max Overacts, got in a year, so… you know. I get it. OH how I get it.

    If I weren’t crazy busy prepping for Fan Expo, I’d be all over it. But I’ll be keeping an eye out for that hashtag. Good luck everyone, and unleash your imaginations!