Just the other day, Brian Michael Bendis revealed his Instagram tease post for 2019, which included a piece of the Legion of Super-Heroes logo. It set of a flurry of excitement among those of us who so very much want to see our favorite teenagers from the future make their big comeback in the DCU.

This morning, just ahead of Young Justice‘s release this Wednesday – kicking off his curated imprint “Wonder Comics”, Bendis dropped the following little nugget on twitter:


My heart…it cannot take it!! For those of you who remember the 90’s as well as I do, that’s a scene from when Kon-El was offered part-time membership in the reboot/”Archie” Legion. I remember that crossover like it was yesterday: “Future Tense” I believe it was called, and it ended what that amazing little moment. Which if I recall correctly, wasn’t taken advantage of until Superboy found himself stranded in the future during the Abnett-Lanning days, and they popped him into the classic Superboy duds.

I could reminisce about that all day really, but I’ll spare you. Let’s get to the brass tacks of the above. It’s a Wonder Comics tease given the hashtag, and we know that Conner is coming back – so we’ll have a couple of Superboys running around between him and Jonathan. Sounds to me like we’re looking at a second wave of Wonder Comics that might include not only the already confirmed Amethyst (by a female comics creator per Bendis) but perhaps a “Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes” as well? Could this be the book he and Ryan Sook are working on?

This guy is dreaming big, folks! Long Live the Legion!


  1. A New Legion of Super-Heroes comic book? Sprock YES!

    A New Legion of Super-Heroes comic book written by Brian Michael Bendis? NOOOOO!

  2. Wish I could care about the Legion, but those ’60s stories were so bad, I’ve avoided the series ever since. Glad you discovered the Legion at a better time, Kyle!

  3. George,

    It’s funny, the other day someone asked me what my favorite Legion era was and my answer is honestly a bit odd as I favor the entirety of Vol 4, which kicks off with what many consider a sort-of apex of the title these days (The Five Year’s Later run) through a great majority of the rebooted team.

    That 10 year-ish period was an amazingly fruitful time for me. I went back and rediscovered the Levitz-Giffen run later and the collected the Abnett/Lanning period and later the Waid “threeboot” and even went and picked up a ton of the archives. Enjoyed lots of it, some less so. But none of it I loved as much everything that comprised that fourth volume.

    I probably couldn’t get away with recommending that strange path to discovery for anyone else, but that’s how I came to love the Legion. I’ll never have another comic book experience like it, hitting me at just the right age, with the right combination of…well…everything.

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