If you’re like The Beat and everyone else in the comics industry, the haze from the food and/or other substances induced hangover of the holidays has lifted just in time to see New York Comic-Con hurtling at you like a runaway freight train, resulting in a Wile E. Coyote-like eyeball explosion, complete with bloodshot irises. Perhaps this widget will help. It’s a planner for the show — you can log in and make a list of all the booths you wish to go to and even print it out. HOT DOG, we used to have to use a pencil and paper for that kind of thing.

NB: There’s an exhibitor map that shows many booths as being available. We quizzed show runner Lance Fensterman about this and he says it is due to an administrative procedure. For instance, Marvel isn’t listed as an exhibitor but will be at the show.


  1. For some, that freight train will be coming out of the trompe-l’œil painting that Wile E. painted on the rock face minutes ago, and ran into moments ago.

    Will the widget plot a path of least resistance? Can we hook it up to the GPS feature on our cellphone, like Google maps, and have it plot the nearest ATM/Starbucks?

  2. Anyway, speaking of the NYCC, I just love this year’s Neal Adams promo illustration. I’ve seen parts of it here on the Beat site, and the full page full colour illo was printed in an ad in DC comics. Anyone know of a poster that I could purchase?

  3. Yup, I woke up this morning in an ice-cold panic realising how much I need to get done for our booth. Then I remembered I’ll actually have a booth babe–er–an able assistant to help me, and I’m sending her an e-mail of things she’ll need to get done for our booth. Now I can relax (just a little bit) and start widgetting my path through all the other booths I intend to visit at the show. Pins, I need lots more pins, ’cause I can still see unpinned parts of my shoulder bag.

    Delegating is the only thing keeping my eyeballs from exploding….

  4. Marvel does have a booth, #1141, pretty much where they were last year.

    SPQR Blues is located at ????.

    Anyway, I’m one of those crazy guys who tries to at least glance at every booth at a convention (even San Diego!), so while this is handy, it’s kinda useless for me.

    Generally, I just get a map at the con, mark the squares while I wait to get in, and then fold it up and stick it in my pocket.

  5. Some advice… don’t add exhibitors using the map. (Some of those booths are tiny!)
    Do the alpha search instead, there’s a simple check box.

    Hmmm… Virgin Comics?

    Oh, and the Session Planner! The whole schedule is there! !0+ pages! (One can limit searches by track and date.)

    And the controversial autographing schedule is up, too!

    (And I know it’s the first time, but it woulda been nice to have the planner create a nice listing of events by time, and maybe even a nice matrix. Can’t even print out the list I made… And the map doesn’t highlight the exhibitors I selected… )

  6. Actually, I’ll be at the Graphic Universe/Lerner Publishing booth. Which is booth #1831, apparently.

    The SPQR Blues booth will be located in my mind, dreaming of the days when it is big enough to merit its own NYCC pavilion….