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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: WARLORD OF MARS ATTACKS #3 makes John go deeper into his mind for help

The third installment of the epic crossover finds John Carter desperate for an answer to the Martian issue


John Carter continues his battle against the little green men of Mars in Warlord of Mars Attacks #3, the third entry in the most unexpected crossover from Dynamite Comics. The amount of Martians trying to conquer the planet is overwhelming, especially since the invaders are using their monster crab machines to destroy society as we know it. Our hero must dig deep into the recesses of mind to find the memory of Barsoom (also known as Mars) to figure out the secret to getting the little green face-melting aliens off the planet and save civilization.

Issue #3 continues with writer Jeff Parker (Aquaman, Future Quest) and artist Dean Kotz (Dungeons & Dragons) at the helm. Covers for the comic are brought to you by artists Dave Johnson, Rags Morales, Ramon Villalobos, and Ben Caldwell. Fans can also select from virgin covers from each artist’s rendition.

Warlord of Mars Attacks #3 will be available in comic shops on Wednesday August 21. To order online, head over to Dynamite Comics’ website. The series is also available on Dynamite Digital. Take a look at an exclusive preview of some of the art and covers before heading out to the store to get your copy.

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