This Wednesday, Christopher Priest’s triumphant return to DC Comics returns with the release of his and Carlo Pagulayan’s Deathstroke #6.  This first arc has seen the deadly assassin Slade Wilson beset by enemies on all sides as his murderous past comes back to haunt him in the present.  After a sojourn to Gotham where Slade and his daughter Rose engaged in a game of wits with Batman and Robin, this issue sees Slade return to the Sub-Saharan African location where he rescued his old friend Wintergreen and sowed the seeds for civil war…

Check out The Comics Beat’s exclusive preview of this issue after the jump.  Click an image to enlarge.

Writer: Christopher Priest

Breakdowns: Larry Hama

Penciller: Carlo Pagulayan

Inker: Jason Paz

Colorist: Jeromy Cox

Letterer: Willie Schubert

“The Professional” part six! Deathstroke’s honor is put to the test when he must help a tyrannical despot—Ja Zaki, a.k.a. The Red Lion—stop a civil war that he inadvertently caused. Plus: Enter Jericho! 




  1. Hey, look, its Black Panther, I mean “Red Lion!”

    Another comic that portrays Africa as a place besieged by civil war. Hurray! Representation!

    Christopher Preist’s first issue was promising. It looks like it’s going to be another garden variety DC shoot-em-up comic,

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