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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: In PLUNGE #3, horror starts to surface

Also, the scariest villain of all rears its head - math.


There’s a lot to be scared of in Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen’s Plunge #3, and chief among the fears are long-lost sailors missing their eyes along with the scourge of students everywhere — math.

Indeed, today The Beat has an exclusive preview of Plunge #3, which is due out online and in stores on Tuesday, March 19. Plunge, for those who have forgotten during the new comics hiatus, is a horror title on DC Comics’ Hill House imprint. From writer Hill and artist Immonen, the plot of the book revolves around a long lost sea vessel suddenly resurfacing and sending out a distress call. A response team goes out to answer that call, and the horror ensues.

In this exclusive preview, we see what looks like the return of the resurfaced ship’s crew…as well as a separate scene that involves — shudder — a lengthy and complicated math equation. Horrors from the deep, indeed.

You can find The Beat’s exclusive preview of Plunge #3 below, following the jump…enjoy!

Plunge #3

Writer: Joe Hill
Artist: Stuart Immonen
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Deron Bennett

The long-lost crew of the Derleth emerges from the wind-scoured stones and twisted pines of the Sinnikik atoll, looking not a day older than when they disappeared 40 years before. They come bearing impossible, dizzying gifts for their rescuers. But at what price?


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