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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Step right up to the biggest show in the Unknown in OVER THE GARDEN WALL: CIRCUS FRIENDS

Greg, Wirt, and Beatrice run away to the circus... sort of


The search for a path home is interrupted once again for Greg and Wirt this October. As the brothers continue their journey through The Unknown with their trusty companion Beatrice and Greg’s pet frog, they encounter a distraught strongman and a clown in Over the Garden Wall: Circus Friends, a new original graphic novel from writer Jonathan Case (Over the Garden Wall: Distillatoria) and artist John Golden for BOOM! Studios’ KaBOOM! imprint.

As it turns out, the strongman and the clown ran away from their circus due to artistic differences. However, when Greg, Wirt, and Beatrice follow the performers back to the big top, the Ringmaster snatches Beatrice away for his newest act. A talking bird! Imagine the ticket sales. To get her back, the brothers will have to team up with the reluctant circus acts to not just save Beatrice, but escape the circus.

Today, The Beat can reveal an exclusive first look at Over the Garden Wall: Circus Friends, which hits comic shops October 2 and bookstores October 8. Check it out below!

It’s not all laughs and peanuts for Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice when they stumble upon a circus in the Unknown. What starts as good fun with Greg reciting Wirt’s poetry for the circus’ audience quickly becomes a dangerous situation when the Ringmaster sets his eyes on Beatrice to be his next star attraction. Wirt and Greg must work together with past-his-prime Strongman Frederico and down-in-the-dumps clown Paola to infiltrate the circus and rescue Beatrice.

Join Eisner Award-winning writer Jonathan Case (Before Tomorrowland) and artist John Golden (Boneman) as the Eisner Award-winning Over the Garden Wall(TM) series continues its journey into the Unknown with this all-new original story! With death-defying stunts and a cast with the strangest acts, this’ll be a story Over the Garden Wall(TM) fans won’t want to miss.

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