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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Who is Mark Underwood? Our final look inside Cutting Edge


The Beat is bringing you an exclusive preview of a new fantasy-adventure series, giving you a look inside Cutting Edge from Statix Press. The Titan Comics imprint is dedicated to bringing the best of the European comics scene to English-Language readers. Each weekday we reveal a new cover for the forthcoming series, and an exclusive interior page that highlights one of the five main Cutting Edge characters. Check out day one and day two , day three, and day four.

We’ve made it to our fifth and final cover and character reveal for the Cutting Edge, available in English for the very first time courtesy of Statix Press. We’re taking you inside its pages and introducing you to the main cast of the series from Italian fantasist Francesco Dimitri and Marvel/DC artist Mario Alberti. From Statix:

Think of Leonardo da Vinci. Think of Shakespeare. They are on the threshold between history and myth: some of them are real, some are fictional, they are all outstanding. They are the cutting edge of humanity. In every age there are people that push human boundaries to their utmost limits. They are scientist, athletes, lovers, artists, conmen. What happens when these individuals are teamed up together? A financial enterprise, the Leviathan Corporation, challenges a number of geniuses from around the world. There will be a massive, secret competition, with real dangers. Only the Cutting Edge can participate and only the winner will find out why the competition exists.

The potential winners of the mysterious contest we’ve met so far are Hiroshi Itou, a genius mathematician, respected academic, and Nobel Prize-winner. We also met Delroy, a secretive , seductive, and deadly professional, skilled in the art of combat. We wrapped up last week with Stella Orsini Del Giglio, the last heiress to a family wealthier than many countries, and kicked off this week with Jirakee Walker, the 24-year-old photo prodigy. The final contestant who represents the cutting edge of what humanity has to offer is Mark Underwood. It seems that Mark has exceptional powers of observation. This should serve him well, and hopefully help the rest of the group understand what’s really going on as they compete to complete the contest from the shadowy Leviathan Corporation.

Cutting Edge interior art by Mario Alberti.

From Statix:

Mark is an expert in social psychology, and is the only one who understands there’s something larger at play. A born sceptic, he takes nothing at face value, willing to put the truth before his own desires – an essential characteristic for the challenges ahead. While often frenetic and unsure of himself, he acts as the moral compass of the group, asking the hard questions and ensuring the ends always justify the means. Without Mark’s guidance, the group is sure to fall apart.

Here’s the next cover reveal for Cutting Edge, from series artist Mario Alberti:

Cutting Edge cover by Mario Alberti.

We’ve met all the main players in the forthcoming series, and giving you our last look inside Cutting Edge. Our exclusive preview wraps up tomorrow with the premiere of the series trailer from Statix. Don’t miss it!

Cutting Edge: A Siren’s Song #1 is on sale May 20th.

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