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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Fight Club 3 #7 asks, ‘What excites you?’

Tyler Durden gives online dating a try.


Since the 1-2 right hooks of novel and film stuck unforgettable blows to pop culture in the ’90s, the Fight Club franchise has approached pretty much everything with a post-modern lens. Now in the ongoing Fight Club comic — in Fight Club 3 #7, to be exact — that post-modern lens is on dating.

That’s right, Tyler Durden is on Tinder. Or maybe another app, or maybe something with a more Fight Club-y name. Either way, as the Fight Club 3 #7 solicit teases, Tyler Durden “confronts online dating and post-modern romance.” Then, as the Fight Club conceit dictates, Balthazar will be forced to take desperate action. It’s madcap stuff, and The Beat just so happens to have an exclusive preview of the comic after the solicit:

(W) Chuck Palahniuk (A) Cameron Stewart (CA) David Mack

Tyler Durden confronts online dating and postmodern romance, forcing Balthazar to take desperate measures. Release date: July 31, 2019 Price: $3.99

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