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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Everybody hates Amy in AMETHYST #2

This birthday couldn't get any worse...could it?


Amy Winston is having a terrible 16th birthday. It started when her adoptive Earth parents got her a totally lame tiara and a book about crystal healing (they mean well, but they just don’t get crystals or how Amy uses them). It got much worse when she returned to Gemworld, to retake her place as Princess Amethyst, to find her kingdom in ruins and her subjects and closest advisors missing. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, people she once thought were her allies have suddenly turned on her, leaving only a weird four-armed girl and her giant caterpillar to help Amy find her people and restore the kingdom of Amethyst to its proper glory.

Little does Amy know what’s in store for her, or what the dark Lord Opal has up his sleeve. First she has to figure out who she can trust. And she’d better watch her step…

Check out a preview, exclusive to The Beat, of Amethyst #2 (of 6) from DC Comics. Written and illustrated by Amy Reeder, with letters by Gabriela Downie, the second issue of the newest Wonder Comics series goes on sale next Wednesday, March 25th.

Dejected but determined to find her missing kingdom, Princess Amethyst and her new companions-a four-armed Turqoisian peasant called Phoss and her gigantic caterpillar steed-set out for the land of Sapphire, where it is always night. Where there is darkness there is also danger, but a newly discovered magical ability might light the princess’s path.

Amethyst #2

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