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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Charlie’s Angels vs The Bionic Woman #1 Has Everyone Chasing the Same Target

The '70s spies meet up in Dynamite's latest crossover series


The top all-girl team of the mid ‘70s meets the bionic Jaime Sommers in Dynamite’s new series Charlie’s Angels vs The Bionic Woman #1. Written by Cameron DeOrdio and drawn by Soo Lee, the book picks up where the television series left off after going off the air in the 1980s and will also feature stunning covers by Cat Staggs, Jim Mahfood, and Ron Lesser.

The Angels receive an assignment to steal a dangerous patent and are tasked with putting it back in the hands of its mysterious inventor. Unfortunately their mission is interrupted when they encounter their toughest counterspy yet: The Bionic Woman, Jaime Sommers. When the Office of Scientific Investigation is privatized and its patents sold off to the highest bidder, a military contractor looks to take bionics to the battlefield. Now both teams are after the same patent, but who will get there first? Will the Bionic Woman be able to protect the patent, or will the Angels prevail, mothballing the formula’s military applications in favor of medical uses?

Charlie’s Angels vs The Bionic Woman #1 is set to release Wednesday, July 3. The Beat received an exclusive preview ahead of the debut. Check out a variant covers of the first issue and a few pages of the debut issue below, then head to your local comic shop to get your copy or purchase online from Dynamite’s website.



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