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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: BATMAN #89 – What does the Designer have planned for Gotham?

Watch Batman kick some mercenary butt in this exclusive preview.


This week, James Tynion IV continues his “Their Dark Designs” arc with Batman #89, by artists Guillem MarchTomeu Morey, and Clayton Cowles. They’re joined by the team of Carlo Pagulayan (Deathstroke) and Danny Miki, adding to the already fantastic staple of great artists who have worked on this new run so far.

When last we left Batman, he discovered that the Designer is in fact real and is trying to distract the Dark Knight so he can fulfill his true goal… to kill Bruce Wayne! Little does he know, amirite? It looks like someone isn’t happy that the billionaire playboy is trying his hand at making his own mark on the city, but the Designer’s intentions are not clear at this point.

Nevertheless, as you can tell by the preview below, nothing stops the Caped Crusader. He’s going to find out the truth behind the Designer, no matter what it takes. Also, as you’ve probably already likely heard, the much-discussed Punchline character makes her debut in this issue. She may only be in one panel near the end of the issue as has already been revealed, but her design by the incredible Jorge Jimenez is already taking the internet by storm.

For more details on this run and the soon-to-debut Punchline, check back with The Beat tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Tynion. After that, pick up Batman #89 at your local comic shop if they’ve got any copies left!

Batman must stop Deathstroke from killing the mayor of Gotham City! But to do so he has to figure out who ordered the hit in the first place. If his four main suspects aren’t ‘fessing up to the crime, then is there someone even more sinister lurking in the shadows waiting to deliver the coup de grace? Whoever it is, one victim will fall under their attack!


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