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EXCLUSIVE: Read the full first issue of Bunn, Hurtt, & Crook’s MANOR BLACK from Dark Horse

The collected edition of the four-issue miniseries was released back in February.


Dark Horse Comics is continuing their backlist promotion program with another free comic for readers to sample. This time, The Beat is proud to present a look at the full first issue to Cullen BunnBrian Hurtt, and Tyler Crook‘s Manor Black. The four-issue miniseries, co-written by Bunn & Hurtt and illustrated by Crook, follows a family of sorcerers in a power struggle for control of the titular Manor Black, and the outsider the family’s patriarch adopts to defend the family from dark forces at work against them.

In an interview with The Beat prior to the series start, Bunn described what sets this series apart from other horror stories he’s worked on:

The great thing about horror is that there are so many flavors and sub-genres. There’s cosmic horror, comic horror, slasher horror, splatterpunk, and everything in between. With Manor Black, we’re really playing in the arena of gothic soap operas, which is new territory for me, and I love it!

Without further ado, check out the full first issue of Manor Black below.

A trade paperback collection of Manor Black #1-4 is available now.

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