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Exclusive: Jaime Hernandez STRANGE TALES V. 2 #2 preview


STRANGE TALES, the indie-does-Marvel anthology, made a splash with its first issue, and thanks to our pals at Marvel, we’re happy to provide an EXCLUSIVE preview of the 2nd issue, on sale next week. This time, it’s cover artist Jaime Hernandez with Space Phantom and many mighty Marvel heroines limned as only Jaime can.

Editor Jody LeHeup has put together another gangbuster lineup for this issue: Kate Beaton, Nick Gurewitch, Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Paul Hornschemeier, Scott Richardson, David Heatley and Alex Robinson. Check out the links for other preview pages.

  1. Really looking forward to what Farel Dalrymple does in this issue also. He’s supposed to be in it according to his blog:

    “and i heard it officially from my editor, my spiderman and silver surfer story is in strange tales II issue two due in stores Nov 3rd. don’t let my not being listed in the lineup fool you.”

  2. I read somewhere Jaime saying he’d love to do The Inferior Five, or the old school Secret Six. Hey, DC here’s all the reason you need to make that happen! If not I got Jaime to do a Dumb Bunny sketch for me and one look at it will cement the idea.

  3. I usually stay away from these anthologies because I find the work too hit-or-miss to justify the price. That said, if this one was 26 blank pages and a 6 page Jaime Hernandez story, I would buy it in a second. I might buy two.

    I have my standards and they are double.

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