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A few people noted that San Diego’s schedule included a Disney Press panel that included Jordan Mechner, creator of the acclaimed Prince of Persia video game series, and such comics folk as Todd McFarlane. While some might have connected the dots already, we can officially confirm that Disney will be publishing a PRINCE OF PERSIA; SANDS OF TIME graphic novel, to tie in with the film of the same name.

The 120-page book will be written by Mechner and include six interrelated prequel stories set in the world of the game/film. McFarlane provides the cover; Niko Henrichon, Bernard Chang, Cameron Stewart, David Lopez, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Tom Fowler have also signed on for the interiors. The book comes out in April from the Disney Press imprint, as part of a new initiative for graphic novels at Disney. More about all of this at the Disney panel, Friday at 11:30 in San Diego.

The PRINCE OF PERSIA: SAND OF TIMES movie comes out May 2010 and stars Jake Gyllenhaal.


  1. The First Second PRINCE OF PERSIA isn’t a tie-in. It was Jordan Mechner’s creative offering, with a script by the Iranian poet A.B. Sina. It’s a kind of keystone to the various POP universes.

    Screenplay credits for the movie go to Jordan Mechner and Boaz Yakin—two amazing storytellers with scripts in development for First Second (SOLOMON’S THIEVES for Mechner, and JERUSALEM for Yakin.)

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