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EXCLUSIVE: DC Unveils New, Art-Focused Look for Variant Covers

So you’ve seen one new look for trade dress, now DC is rolling out a new look for their own variant covers, seen here on Jim Lee’s variant for BATMAN #45 and John Romita Jr’s  variant for NIGHTWING #44.

The new trade dress is designed to spotlight the art, with no logos. It also emphasizes the the unique nature of these art-centric covers, and serves to differentiate them even further from the main covers.

The slim UPC box, variant cover box and credits – and even series title – are quite inconspicuous at the bottom of the covers. It’s as virgin art as DC can get. It’s a clean, uncluttered look for those who want to sit back in their comfy chair and admire their variant cover collection. Perhaps with a helping of cognac or Earl Grey tea.

What do YOU think? Are you more likely to pick up a DC variant with this uncluttered look?