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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Claremont to headline KING CON November 4-7


How many conventions can one comics-crazy town hold? We’re about to find out as the dates for KING CON in Brooklyn have just been announced: November 4-7 at the Brooklyn Lyceum. That’s three weeks after the New York Comic-Con, and four weeks before the next Brooklyn Comics Arts Festival. And the show is expanding to four days from two this year. X-MEN writer Chris Claremont has just been announced as the Guest of Honor.

The first King Con was held last year at the Brooklyn Lyceum, which is once again sponsoring the event. Also, friend it on Facebook!

PR below:

After a rousingly successful two day run in 2009, The Brooklyn Lyceum is bringing KingCon back for its sophomore outing this coming November 6th and 7th. Headlining this year’s run is none other than Legendary X-Men writer and Brooklyn resident Chris Claremont.

Over seventeen years, Claremont famously transformed the once lackluster title into one of the industry’s uncontested best sellers, and the billion dollar X-men film franchise was based largely on his stories. It is estimated that he has sold in excess of 500,000,000 comics world wide and his stories have resonated with comic fans for generations.

His creator-owned work includes the historic fantasies The Black Dragon and Marada, the She-Wolf (artist: John Bolton), and the contemporary superhero series, Sovereign Seven. To date, Chris has written nine novels, including the science fiction series First Flight, Grounded!, Sundowner, and the contemporary dark fantasy Dragon Moon.

New projects include the creator owned historic adventure series Wanderers with a first publication in France, as well as the Marvel series X-Men Forever.! Chris is also hard at work on a prose novel, Wild Blood, an urban dark fantasy set in New York City.

The Lyceum is very excited to have Mr. Claremont join the growing roster of talent for this landmark Brooklyn event, which includes local luminaries such as Sarah Glidden, Dean Haspiel, Brian Wood, and many others.

The schedule of panels and activities continues to grow, and more information can be found on the con’s website: http://kingconbrooklyn.com

The Brooklyn Lyceum is Located at 227 4th Avenue in Park Slope, right atop the R train station at Union Street.

  1. Hmmm… has anyone ever thought of crossing a comics show with a food festival? People complain of convention center prices and quality… why not mash the two together? Some might come for the food, and discover comics, comics fans would come and get something to nosh.

    Savvy publishers would sell comics/food packets. Buy a comic, get a coupon for food. Or the other way around. Then you have something to read while you eat!

    Oh, and given New York in November, can the Lyceum heat the top floor this year? It was a bit chilly last year!

  2. We fixed all the windows! They have a nice thick layer of airplane grade lexane on them this year. Much warmer! And we will have food trucks outside all weekend, but we have a food/craft market 4X a year.
    Humble Directrix
    KingCon Brooklyn

  3. the show’s less than 2 months away & i can’t find a damn thing about how to register for a table. what gives? i want you to have my money, kingcon!

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