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EXCLUSIVE: Check out a preview of LOST ON PLANET EARTH #3

The new book from writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Claudia Aguirre is due out June 16.


Lost on Planet Earth #3 is due out June 16 from the creative team of writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Claudia Aguirre, and today The Beat is fortunate to have an exclusive preview of the book.

The first issue of this book launched in April via comiXology Originals, and the overarching story has to do with a conflicted lesbian relationship that is taking place within the setting of a socially reactionary future. This new issue is set during Pride Month, corresponding with Pride Month in the real world. In this preview (see below!), the main character Basil has her first lesbian encounter with best friend Charlotte, and also attends a protest of her former fleet.

The full preview text and artwork from Lost on Planet Earth #3 can be found below…enjoy!

Basil Miranda, once destined to be a fleet officer, finds herself protesting the very organization she dedicated her life to joining. Her friends have a plan to expose the fleet’s dark secrets, but the only way they can do it is with Basil’s help. Is this act of rebellion going too far even for our newly radicalized Basil? And could Charlotte ever forgive Basil if she goes through with it?

Lost on Planet Earth is the latest expectation-defying series from Visaggio, the Eisner-nominated writer of Kim & Kim and Eternity Girl, whose acclaimed comic Vagrant Queen was recently adapted for TV by SYFY. Lost on Planet Earth reunites Visaggio with artist Aguirre. The pair previously collaborated on Kim & Kim and created the acclaimed series Morning in America; they are joined by letterer Zakk Saam and editor Joe Corallo. This is the first release for Visaggio, Aguirre, Saam, and Corallo under the name DEATH RATTLE, a rock band-style moniker for their creative collaborations.

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