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Peow Studio announces EX.MAG Volume 4, “Mecha”, for preorder now

The cutting edge global comics anthology's 2022 volume focuses on giant robots


The highly lauded and well seasoned international indie anthology Ex.Mag announced a surprise fourth volume is coming Spring 2022, with its publisher Peow Studio opening pre-orders on their website now. Ex.Mag is a series with high concept themes riffing on genre staples, executed by a global array of artists and creators, published in a chunky and impeccably designed two color paperback. The fourth volume, Mecha “Master Grade,” follows Cyberpunk “Full Metal Dreamland,” Paranormal Romance “Cross My Heart,” and Dark Fantasy “Crumbling Kingdom,” and will be the first in the series available as a pre-order directly through the publisher instead of as a Kickstarter Campaign. The Peow Pre-order Project is go!

Mecha is bigger than previous volumes of Ex.Mag, with longer comics and other features (including its first essay and pull-out posters), boasting over 200 pages in two color print, blue and orange. The creator list is the usual murderers’ row of folks who work within the big giant robot art space. There will be comics from Aseyn, Ayako Ozaki, Beto Irigoyen, Casey Nowak, Emil Friis Ernst, Inkee Wang, Luca Negri, Sebastien Sunstrum, Simon Roy, and Tatsumi, illustrations by Chibu Okere, Felipe Bolivar, Fu Yukuda, Jan Buragay, Mathilde Kitteh, Huahua Zhu, and the article by Sean O’Mara.

My excitement piqued (but not peaked) when spying Nowak, whose work on Diana’s Electric Tongue and, more recently, Bodyseed, is the stuff of magic and awe. Mathilde Kitteh’s Brush Paradise really hit me in my Henchgirl, I am always delighted to see more from her, as well as new stuff from darling of the dystopian, the incomparable Simon Roy. Fu Yukuda is someone I just discovered a few days ago, following another artist, komugiko2000, who reposts a lot of fantastic indie anime. Love a scene that loves the scene! There’s a hearty pile of preview pages available on the PPP and I am as always when it comes to Ex.Mag here for all of it.

Casey Nowak for MECHA
Luca Negri for MECHA
Simon Roy for MECHA
Aseyn for MECHA

Almost 400 pre-orders have been placed on the first day after a surprise announcement, and with a minimum of 1400 orders needed by March, I don’t see this one not happening. The PPP System website for previewing and ordering Mecha is open now until March 3rd for the first and only printing, set to ship in May 2022. I’m sure discerning comic shops will get some, but if you’d like it for sure (in digital or print), that’s how to do it.


  1. The EX.MAG comics anthology series is an ongoing collection of short narrative stories by creators of the comics industry. This series’ first issue focused on the world of CYPERPUNK and featured the work of artists like Sophia Foster Dimino, Giannis Milonogiannis, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Toni Zonjic, Kelly K, and Mushbuh. While there are many comics that are based on specific themes, EX.MAG is unique in its ability to weave multiple themes into one story.

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