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SDCC 2012: Evil Ernie Returns In October From Dynamite


By Todd Allen

Back in the 90s, Evil Ernie was hot book for awhile.  Brian Pulido and Stephen Hughes had a popular run with the Chaos! Comics imprint, which also featured Lady Death (yes, that was when Bad Girls were at their peak).  Dynamite acquired most of the Chaos! intellectual property, back in 2010 (Lady Death is over at Avatar).  This looks to be the first book to come out from that IP family.

Writing it is Jesse Blaze Snyder.  Yes, you metal head, that’s Dee Snyder’s son.  Snyder’s been writing comics for awhile.  Want a contrast in titles?  He’s written both Dead Romeo and Toy Story.

Artist Jason Craig drew Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash for Wildstorm and… yeah, that does sound ballpark for Evil Ernie, doesn’t it?

Official PR, followed by some art:



July 12th, 2012, Mt. Laurel, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the classic Chaos! character Evil Ernie returns to comics from the creative team of writer Jesse Blaze Snider and artist Jason Craig!  In the world of Evil Ernie, an eternal conflict has existed for all time, a war between good and evil, Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil.  And with Ardian Syaf, Nick Bradshaw, Tim Seeley, and Dan Brereton on covers, make sure to jump on board Evil Ernie for this wickedly-wild ride this coming October 2012!

In Evil Ernie #1, Ernest Fairchild was a kind and gentle soul…until one day something in him snapped, leading him to one of the most notorious killing sprees in American history. With 665 kills to his name, “Evil Ernie” requires ONE more murder to complete the ritual he started and seal his deal with the Devil. Problem is: he’s just been EXECUTED! What led an ordinary boy to become a leather-clad angel of death? How does he wield such blasphemous power? And what is the secret behind his hideous smiley-face button?  Make sure to pick up Part One of “Origin of Evil” in Evil Ernie #1 this October!

“It’s pretty surreal to be working on Evil Ernie,” says writer Jesse Blaze Snider.  “We’re definitely staying true to the spirit of the character, but those who want a little more substance from your Heaven & Hell opus are going to be surprised by the powerful concepts and ideas that serve as the bedrock of this new series…and this new Chaos Universe.”

“It was pretty clear from our first meeting with him, that Jesse would have done ANYTHING to write this book; and that kind of passion and dedication – along with his writing chops, of course – go a long way to making this one of our most anticipated launches later this year,” says Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt.  “Evil lives in 2012!”

“With Dynamite’s Chaos! characters, we are in possession of some of the most frightening horror characters in comic book history,” adds Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci.  “Evil Ernie is possibly being the most iconic of the Chaos! characters!”

Evil Ernie is the fruit of Hell’s labor: A psychopath hell-bent on riding the world of the evil that twisted his soul, never knowing that his killing spree is actually a recruitment drive for Hell’s armies that will quickly bring us to the brink of Armageddon! Though he thinks that he is doing “good” Ernie is actually performing the greatest evil.

Jesse Blaze Snider is a comic book writer, voice over actor, TV/radio host, semi-pro football player, and rock musician. He is the eldest son of Twisted Sister front man and vocalist Dee Snider, with whom he appeared on the MTV reality show Rock the Cradle. Snider also created the Dead Romeo graphic novel series. He has also writing an ongoing Toy Story series from Boom! Studios. He also wrote a four-issue prequel to the motion picture Strangeland for Fangoria Graphix called Strangeland: Seven Sins.

Jason Craig started his career in Chicago, in 1991, working on and off for various publishers before moving away to pursue a full time career in advertising. Craig’s most notable work in the comics’ industry has been for Wildstorm Comics, drawing Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash and its sequel.

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