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So today, after decades of arguing and speculation and heartache and anger and perhaps even here and there a little joy, Miracleman #1 has been published by Marvel Comics. It’s the end result of all that arguing, speculation, etc etc etc.

If you would like to know more about what I am talking  about, I direct you here, to Padraig O’Mealoid’s Poisoned Chalice, and exhaustive chronicle of all things Marvelman/Miracleman/Alan Moore/Mick Anglo and more.

It’s already being noted that this first issue is being sold in two versions, a 12-year-old version and a “rated T for teen” version online. While Miracleman didn’t really get r-rated for a few issues, times do change.

And as a special treat, here are all the various variant covers in all their glory. Enjoy Miracleman #1 Day! It’s a once in a lifetime holiday, and as they say: never again.

miracleman2014001_dc11_lr001 miracleman2014001_dc21_lr001 miracleman2014001_dc31_lr001 miracleman2014001_dc41_lr001 miracleman2014001_dc51_lr001 miracleman2014001_dc61_lr001 miracleman2014001_dc71_lr001 miracleman2014001_dc81_lr001 miracleman2014001_dc81_lr002

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