Elephantmen1CWell, crap, now they can squeeze a whole elephantman into a mobile phone! How do they do that? Oh it’s a COMIC BOOK by Richard Starkings and Moritat. In fact, interested parties might want to check out the Gocomics website and see what all they are distributing–the march of progress.

uclick has announced an exclusive agreement with comic book publisher Active Images to distribute its popular ELEPHANTMEN line of comic books on mobile phones.

The mobile product line will debut in early summer with comic books and wallpapers starring the series’ larger-than-life characters.

“Whether readers are aware of it or not, ELEPHANTMEN and HIP FLASK were designed from the ground up to be digital media friendly,” said writer/creator Richard Starkings. “Moritat and I are very happy to be working with uclick Mobile, and can’t wait to see our work on the small screen!”

ELEPHANTMEN is an ongoing monthly published by Image Comics. The series takes place in a not-too-distant dystopian future in which an insidious corporation known as MAPPO genetically manufactured intelligent hybrids of humans and animals as super soldiers to fight in a New World War. Decades after their liberation, the hybrids have been integrated into human society.

Starkings originally created the character Hip Flask, an anthropomorphic hippopotamus, to serve as the mascot for the Comicraft library of comic book fonts. The character was soon featured in his own comic book mini series, before jumping into Image Comics’s ELEPHANTMEN.

The debut of the new mobile product line will be the first time ELEPHANTMEN has been available on mobile phones.

“The Elephantmen are wholly original and immediately recognizable characters whose stories resonate with a surprising level of heart and humanity,” said uclick Mobile Content Director Jeff Webber. “We’re thrilled to bring these brilliant creations to mobile phones.”

For more information, visit http://www.gocomics.com/comicbooks/ or text “COMIC” to 26642 on your mobile phone.