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Eisner Award voting suspended because of website anomaly

The voting deadline has been extended.


Today was to be the deadline for voting in the Eisner Awards. However, the deadline has been extended to June 22nd, and voting has been temporarily shut down, because of issues with the Eisners website.

Earlier today social media reports circulated that personal information of users may have been breached, as information and votes from previous users of the sites were visible to subsquent voters. Some returned and found their votes had been changed.

Comic-Con issued a statement about the situation:

“We were alerted to an anomaly with the site hosting the Eisner’s voting. We have closed voting and are investigating the situation. We will make an announcement as we have additional information. We’re sorry for the inconvenience to voters.”

The website, developed by Melchior Thompson and Associates, has been in place for several years, however this discrepancy was not noted before.

The 2020 San Diego Comic-Con will be taking place virtually over the original dates of the show, with the Eisner winners to be announced during the virtual event. Hopefully everything can be fixed before then and voting can finish.


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