The West Coast editorial shuffle continues as star Dark Horse’s editor Sierra Hahn has just moved over to BOOM! where she’ll have the title of Senior Editor starting July 1st. Reporting directly to E-i-C Mat Gagnon she’ll develop new titles and help with mentoring Boom! younger staffers. Hahn is a much liked and respected editor so this is a nice get for BOOM! At Dark Horse she was the Joss Whedon wrangler as well as editor on projects including Green River Killer: A True Detective Story by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case, Two Brothers by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá and more.

With DC’s move to LA, there’s been a lot of shuffling around at West Coast publishers, so who knows, there could be more musical chairs in the future.

Hahn began her career in comics in 2005 at DC Comics/Vertigo, where she served as Publicity Representative under then Vice President of Publicity David Hyde and worked with notable talents like Brian Azzarello, Becky Cloonan, Bill Willingham, Brian K. Vaughan, Jason Aaron, and Cameron Stewart. In 2007, she realized her dream of becoming a comics editor and moved to Portland, Oregon to work for Dark Horse under Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie.
“Sierra not only brings with her years of expertise as an editor, but also the respect and admiration of some of the industry’s greatest creators,” said Gagnon. “Sierra is a phenomenal addition to our team who will make an impact on day one. In her role as Senior Editor she’ll be bringing in new projects, helping mentor some of the younger editors on our staff, and be an important voice for our company on new projects, initiatives, and throughout the industry at large. One of our core missions at BOOM! is to help build a better, healthier industry for everybody who loves comics; Sierra not only shares that sensibility, she’s an important part of helping all of us move closer to our goals.”
“With titles like Lumberjanes, Bee and Puppycat, Giant Days, The Fiction, and the upcoming Strange Fruit, BOOM! Studios consistently delivers fun, edgy, and unexpected books,” said Hahn. “Their growing backlist brings a wide range of exceptional talent to readers of all ages and tastes, but their monthly titles for kids and young adult readers are especially compelling for me. I’m honored to be part of this innovative, tight-knit publishing house.”
When asked what she considers to be her greatest achievement while working in comics thus far, Hahn said, “It’s the relationships I’ve made over the last 10 years. Good editing only really works when there is a foundation of trust between the artists and the editor, and there can be this incredible, unspoken bond between the storyteller and the person advocating for that story. I’ve finally reached a place in my career where I’ve learned enough to have built those connections and recognize them as they happen.”