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Editor Nathan Cosby leaving Marvel


Via Twitter, Marvel Associate Editor Nathan Cosby, who works out of the Mark Paniccia office on such books as the Shanower/Young Oz adaptations, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers and Marvel Adventures Spider-Man is leaving to do other stuff. He tweeted:

So this is my last week working as an editor at Marvel.
It’s sad leaving, having worked with such great writers/pencilers/inkers/colorists/letterers/production people/fellow editors. Gonna miss!
I’m moving on to do other stuff (I’ll explain later, when it’s announced). I have a few comic things in early stages & I’ll still tweet.

Cosby is known for his Tumblr blog, which hosts humorous comics such as the above, his constant advice on comics creation and breaking in, and pictures of his pet bulldog, Daffy. Also his “every __ story in three panels” feature, such as Iron Fist, above.

The Beat wishes him well in future endeavors.

  1. I’m assuming his “other stuff” involves touring the world with a dog that does the NYT crossword puzzle.

    Seriously, his books have always been awesome, so best of luck Nate!

  2. Nate started as a cocky and overbearing editor when he came into Marvel, but turned into one of the best ones I’ve ever worked with. There are a few types of editors–ones who want to direct the ship, ones who just seem to traffic work and those few who contribute subtly and with great ease and make the work and the creator’s vision infinitely better.

    Nate is a champion of all-ages books that reach outside the ever-dwindling group of comics readers. He fought long and hard to get Marvel to put out material that kids and people who didn’t read might find attractive. He was the buffer between the creators and the “powers-that-be” and took the hits while protecting his creators.

    I don’t know who will pick up the gauntlet that Nate leaves behind, but I doubt there can be anyone who will be as enthusiastic or passionate an advocate of all-ages comics as he is.

  3. I worked with Nate on Wolverine What If? and he was so helpful it made the entire process a breeze (along with Mark Paniccia). I hope Nathan is leaving on good terms and for an equally good environment.

    Go get ’em, Nate!

  4. Don’t know the guy, but I am a fan of his twitter and tumblr– Particularly his 4 goddamn questions feature…

    Also, he’s one of the few guys around that seems to understand “All-Ages” does not have to mean “written for a 5-year old”– Kudos to that.

    Looking forward to hearing about his future endeavors…140 characters at a time.

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