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ECCC: Bankshot by DeCampi and ChrisCross will be “high-octane”


A bunch of new comics and other major news will roll out at ECCC over the next few days, and here’s an announcement of a new creator owned Dark Horse tilte: Bankshot by Alex de Campi,  artist ChrisCross (Convergence: Justice League of America), and colorist Snakebite.  It’s described as all out action by de Campi (although if you’ve read much of her work you know that describes a lot of her work!) The five-issue mini series launches in June.

“I’ve wanted for a while now to write a really no-holds-barred action story, and to be able to work on it with ChrisCross (along with Snakebite making it all explode into living color) is a dream come true,” she explained. “We’re having so much fun with this book, dropping our characters into impossibly dangerous situations and having them blast their way out again.”

Log Line:

Bankshot tells the story of the man known as Marcus King. To some, this enigmatic billionaire is a modern-day Robin Hood. To others, he’s a terrorist and a deserter. The truth lies somewhere in between. When Marcus is hired by the Russian government to take back an old KGB laboratory in the Ukraine, he comes face to face with a specter from his past who knows all Marcus’ carefully-buried truths. With everything on the line, Marcus needs to become for real the man he has always pretended to be. He also needs to punch a shitload of dudes and blow a lot of stuff up.

“I was in another massive project when Alex approached me with Bankshot. When I read the first script I was hooked,” says artist ChrisCross. “I was always a fan of the anime Spriggan, and in being a part of this project, I realized I could be unleashed on this project just like Ryouji Minagawa did on that manga.  Once the other project evaporated, I wasted no time getting this book ready to go.  Everyone will love Marcus and co. It’ll boom like a lit cigarette in a leaky gas station!”

Bankshot launches on June 28, 2017.

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