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ECCC ’13 Liveblogging Pint O’ CB


It’s almost time for the Pint O’ C.B. panel at Emerald City Comicon and we’re going to be liveblogging.

Get ready to start hitting refresh.

Our Cast: C.B Cebulski, Sam Humphries, Cullen Bunn, Mark Waid, Daniel Way, Jeanine Schaeffer, Matt Fraction, Sana Amanat, Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan.

Ah… no Marvel PR on the panel…

Q: How do portray heroism in your titles?

A: Way – The best way is to show some contract.  Show what is not a hero.

Humphries – Look for strength to match your challenges.

Waid – Put characters in situations where they have to make choices between bad options.

Posehn – “We write fart jokes and puns.”  He approaches it like an action movie.

Fraction – It all changes with the character. At a certain level, its about doing the right thing.

Bunn – He lets the characters guide him.

Amanat – A hero is someone who puts other before themself.

Q: Will you nice to Spider-Man for a change.

A: Schaefer – Liked the Spidey beat down in AVX, because it defined his “don’t back down” character.

Q: With the rise in digital comics and female readership, how hard or easy is it to have minority characters

A: Amanat – When I edit books, I edit from my perspective as a Muslim woman and editor for the perspective of someone outside of comics.  Comics can be exclusive.  Sometimes being inclusive will upset people used to the history of the character.

Fraction – It’s hard.  You used to hear girls and kids didn’t read comics, but you’d see them reading manga at the bookstore.  The DM has moved for a long time like it just serves white males.  There’s a ground-up movement that’s been starting in the last few years.  Making things available (like digital) is the first step in changing.

Way – At Marvel, we write to a broad market.  Anyone can write to a specific market, but if that market doesn’t have enough buying power, it doesn’t work.  The leveling of the playing field is in digital and making it available.

Waid – Some places, there just aren’t comic stores.  Digital is every where and iPads are everywhere.  Share your digital codes if you’re not using them.

CB – Digital sales are growing fast and driving graphic novel sales .

Way – We need to figure out how to monetize digital and get better printed trades.

Humphries – There’s a big change coming, in terms of accessibility.  If you’re accessible, you’ll be left behind.

Q: How do you balance continuity when one character is in several titles (like Wolverine)?

A:Schaefer – It’s the editor’s job.  They have a chart of where and when Wolverine is.  There are a lot of spreadsheets and a timeline of Wolverine’s life.

Way – It depends how you define character.  Writers may define character as how the character is in a particular book (he might act differently in a different book).  Consistency is more important than continuity.

Fraction – Continuity is the devil.  It makes for bad stories.  It’s trivia.  Consistency is important.  The rest is ultimately trivia.

Bunn – As a fan he loved continuity, but a some point he backed off it and just enjoyed the stories.  As a writer, he likes the shared universe, but if he obsesses over it, that obsession shows up I the story a bit too much.

Way – You end up reading the footnotes, instead of the novel.

Fraction – Morrison’s Batman is predicated on EVERY Batman story happened.  What does that do to your mind?

Q: (To Way) Was it your decision to make the Thunderbolts wear Red?

(To the rest) How do you handle Deadpool?

A: Way – Most of the characters already had a red motif.  Deadpool has a really wide definition of who he is as a character.  You can do almost anything with Deadpool.

Q: As writers, if you could write any book what would it be?

Way – That’s a loaded question.  Everything is a possibility, you need to narrow the field to probability.  When you think about a dream job, it’s always a qualified answer.  I’d love to do it “if this, if this.”

Humphries – Devil Dinosaurs

Posehn – Batman Vs. The Blues Brothers

Bunn – Rocket Racer

Humphries – You tend to love a book because of who was writing it.

Way – Getting what you want means you’re done and nobody wants to be done.

Schaeffer – From the editorial side, she always wanted to work on X-Men.  It’s scary but fun.

Q: Have you ever wanted to write a novel with the comics characters?

A: Posehn – What’s a novel?

Q: Who does the character-based Tweets?

A: It’s the X-office.  It’s the characters tweeting.  It’s crazy.

Q: What’s coming up in Hawkeye and Spidey?

A Fraction: #9 is issue #8 from the women’s perspective.  #10 is the guy who’s doing to kill Hawkeye.  #11 “Pizza is my business” Pizza Dog solves a murder.  #12 Clint’s loser brother moves in.  A sign-language issue is coming up.

Spidey is the Superior arc.

Q: In Ultimates, Captain America was a bit of a dick.  Was he softened for President Cap?

A: Humphries?  No.  The process actually started after Millar.  Cap isn’t a mellow character, but he’s calmed down a little after getting used to the new time period.

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