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Dynamite and Brent Peeples get X-treme with a Rob Liefeld homage this fall

The publisher is offering special variants paying tribute to some of the artist’s famous covers


This fall, Dynamite is releasing a series of variant covers by artist Brent Peeples (James Bond, Titans) that will pay homage to one of the most influential artists in comics, Rob Liefeld. The six-piece set will mirror some of Liefeld’s most recognizable covers.

All six covers will be featured on the publisher’s top titles. Dejah Thoris #8 will harken back to New Mutants #87 while Killing Red Sonja #5 will pay homage to New Mutants #98. Bettie Page #3 covers New Mutants #99, which was a pivotal moment in Liefeld’s career, and Vampirella/Red Sonja #11 is a tribute to X-Force #1. Red Sonja #19 and Vampirella #14 will take on X-Force #2 and #3.

“Man! What a kick getting to recreate these iconic Rob Liefeld covers for Dynamite!” said Peeples. “Rob’s work was and still is such an influence on me, and being involved in this cover series, recreating some of his most classic and iconic work, is such an honor. I’ve always loved his energy on AND off the page. I just hope I did them justice and did Rob proud.”

To secure your covers, ask your local comic shop to reserve copies in July. The Rob Liefeld homage cover variants will be on sale in September.


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