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Get your D&D and MAGIC: THE GATHERING Pride Swag Now


Today, gaming company Wizards of the Coast announced their support of Lambert House, “a center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth in the greater Seattle, WA area.” To that end, Wizards have assembled a brand new collection of apparel and accessories featuring the special Pride versions of the logos for two of their biggest properties– Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons— with a portion of the proceeds going to the Lambert House.

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From now until July 11th, you can purchase a variety of limited-edition items featuring Magic‘s and Dungeons and Dragons‘ logos in the signature rainbow colorway of the LGBT Pride Flag. This merchandise includes totes, t-shirts, pop caps, water bottles, stickers, sunglasses, and even a 3’x2’ banner of either property’s logo.

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For the tabletop gamers among you (read: all of you), there’s also a handy notepad for tracking life totals or character stats.

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All of these items are available now at Customink.
Wizards VP of Human Resources, Holly Barbacovi, said that “At Wizards of the Coast, one of our primary values is inclusivity. We value all people and perspectives. We are proud to continue our support of Lambert House in its Capital Campaign, so it can continue to provide crucial services to the community.”
In the past, Wizards of the Coast has supported the Lambert House via customink campaigns. Employees of the company have also officially made their presence known at Seattle’s Pride Parade. While the player base of Magic has struggled with issues of inclusivity in the past, things have improved for the better in recent years thanks to an increased representation of prominent streamers and pro players beyond cis-men. Recently, Autumn Burchett, a non-binary pro player, took the top prize at Mythic Championship Cleveland, one of Magic’s largest tournaments. The game itself has also incorporated trans characters, non-binary characters, and LGBT+ relationships into its lore.
LGBT Pride Month takes place in June, but parades and other events occur year-round around the world.


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