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Drew Friedman’s new book


Drew Friedman writes of his upcoming collection of illos:

This is my cover for the upcoming book, “The Kingdom of New York”, the Best of the New York Observer, due out later this month from Harper Collins. Aside from 20 years of articles, columns and reviews, the book will feature hundreds of covers by Victor Juhasz, Philip Burke and Robert Grossman, and yours truly, as well as loads of caricatures by Barry Blitt (He even drew me).

Via Flog

  1. I loved Drew Friedman’s stuff when he was doing artwork for “Raw” and Topps, and when he put out the book “Warts and All.” All that crazy stippling was mind-blowing. The people he drew were all kind of twisted and disturbing. Now, I feel like once he hit the mainstream, he is doing portraits as opposed to caricatures. I wish he’d go back to the warped illustrations that made him unique and different as an artist.

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