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Drawn & Quarterly is opening a store!


Details via the D&Q blog — apparently it is the kind of place where a golden afternoon light always shines, as earnest folk in mufflers roam amongst the stacks of fine books — our kind of place, in short.

The new Drawn & Quarterly store in Montreal had it’s unofficial opening over the weekend, and by all accounts it was a success. On the eve of the opening I picked up the store sign (variation pictured above). It was silkscreened on plywood by one of the newest D+Q cartoonists, Pascal Blanchet. The store will have it’s official launch party on October 19th (a co-launch with Blanchet’s new book, White Rapids). In the meantime, come by the store located at 211 Bernard West in Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood and check back here soon for more details on the October 19th launch.


    “Well, I guess this’ll answer the question of whether or not a comic store can survive without carrying Marvel or DC…”

    Doesn’t Fantagraphics already have their own store? Congrats to D&Q.

  2. Our store’s been open for a year now and is actually doing quite well. In fact, I’ve had one local bookseller actually tell me he thinks sales of our books has actually gone up since we opened the store, which is surprising but great.

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