We haven’t been updating the Frazetta family feud, as it’s certain to just drag on and on, but Howard Frank at the Pocono Record continues to cover the story in depth. One recent story reveals that since the Frazetta paintings were removed from the museum, they are now in storage…and won’t be going back to the museum soon…or maybe ever, as son Bill Frazetta hopes to put them on display where more people can see them, possibly even in NYC.

The point of moving the collection was to allow access to more fans than just those visiting the Poconos.

“We wanted to have it displayed all over the world. How nice would that be? They’re housed in the Poconos, and how many people can see them there?” Bill Frazetta said.

He hopes some pieces will be displayed in Manhattan, with other pieces traveling to exhibits around the world.

The move is one the family had long planned, according to Bill.

Another story adds a few more bizarre details to the already legendary story of Frank Jr’s backhoe break-in to the museum two weeks ago:

Other new information that came out Wednesday involves a prospective witness claiming Frank Jr. may have worn a ski mask while removing the paintings from the museum, Mancuso said.

“It’s a ski cap,” Lori Frazetta said. “It’s like a skiing thing. It does have an attachment that goes over your mouth.”

Frank Jr. wore it for health reasons, she said.

“He has bad lungs,” she said. “When he goes out in the cold, he has to wear something over his mouth. He can’t breathe the cold air. It’s a beanie cap.”

She said the police returned the cap to her Wednesday.

At least order has been restored to one element of the story.


  1. If everything gets ironed out, it would be wonderful to view Frazetta’s work alongside the other greats of Illustration art at the Society of Illustrator’s in Manhattan. A show at the Met would be wide exposure of course but that’s another can of worms.